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Bakciwvth" , ou, oJ , = Bakceuthv" , Soph.


Bavkco" , oJ , Bacchus, a later name of Dionysus, Soph. , etc. : called Diovnuso" Bavkceio" and oJ Bavkceio" in Hdt.

II. as appellat. wine, Eur ., etc.
III. a Bacchanal, any one inspired, frantic, Id., Plat. (The Root seems to be ü AC , so that Bavkco" represents üavkco" ; and [Iakco" is for üivüakco" ; prob. from ijavcw , = üiüavcw , to shout.)


ba±la±n-avgra , hJ , a key or hook for pulling out the doorpin ( bavlano" II ), Hdt. , Xen.


ba±la±nei`on , tov , Lat. balineum , balneum, a bath or bathing-room, Ar .; in pl. , Id. From balaneuv"


ba±la±neuv" , evw", oJ , a bath-man, Lat. balneaàtor , or. (Deriv. uncertain.)


ba±la±neuvw , f. sw , ( balaneuv" ) to wait upon a person at the bath, b. eJautw`/ to be ones own bath-man, Ar.


ba±la±nh-favgo" , on , ( fa±gei`n ) acorn-eating, Orac. ap. Hdt.


ba±la±nh-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) bearing dates, Hdt.


ba±la±nivzw dru`n , to shake acorns from the oak: as a proverb. answer to beggars, a[llhn dru`n balavnize Anth.


ba±lavnissa , hJ , fem. of balaneuv" , a bathing-woman, Anth.


ba±la±no-dovkh , hJ , ( devcomai ) the socket in a door-post to receive the bavlano" ( II ).


bavla±no" »ba±1/4, hJ , an acorn, Lat. glans , the fruit of the fhgov" , given to swine, Od.:— any similar fruit, the date, Hdt ., Xen.

II. from similarity of shape, an iron peg, a bolt-pin, Lat. pessulus , passed through the wooden bar ( movclo" ) into the door-post, so that the bar could not be removed till the pin was taken out with a hook (

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