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e[a±te , Ion. 2 pl. impf. of eijmiv (sum).


eja<Eth>tevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. of ejavw , to be suffered, Hdt ., Eur.

2. ejatevon , one must suffer, Id., Plat.


eJ-autou` , h`", ou` , dat. eJautw`/, h`/, w`/ , acc. eJautovn, hvn, ov : pl. eJautw`n, eJautoi`", eJautouv" -av" : Ion. eJwutou` , etc. : Att. contr. auJtou` , etc. :—reflex. Pron. of 3rd pers., Lat. sui, sibi, se , of himself, herself, itself, etc. ; first in Hdt. and Att. ; Hom. has e{o aujtou`, oi| aujtw`/, eJ aujtovn :— aujto; ejfÆ eJautov itself by itself, absolutely, Plat .; so to; ejfÆ eJautovn Thuc .; aujto; kaqÆ auJtov Plat .;— ajfÆ eJautou` of himself, Thuc ., etc. ; ejn ejautou`, ejnto;" eJautou` , Lat. sui compos : parÆ eJautw`/ at his own house, Xen. ; often with Comp. and Sup. , ejgevnonto ajmeivnone" aujtoi; eJwutw`n they surpassed themselves, Hdt. ; plousiwvteroi eJautw`n , i.e. continually richer, Thuc.

II. in Att. auJtou` , sometimes for 1st or 2nd pers., Aesch. , Soph.


eJavfqh , prob. Ep. for h{fqh , aor. I pass. of a{ptw, ejpÆ aujtw`/ ajspi;" eJavfqh upon him his shield was fastened upon or clung to him, i.e. they fell together, Il.

ejavw, jEA vW, ejavw

jEA vW , Ep. eijw` , Ep. 2 and 3 sing. ejava/", ejava/ , inf. ejavan :— impf. ei[wn, a", a , Ion. and Ep. e[wn, e[askon or ei[askon :— f. ejavsw »a<Eth>1/4 :— aor. I ei[a<Eth>sa , Ep. e[a<Eth>sa :— pf. ei[a<Eth>ka :— Pass. , f. ejavsomai in pass. sense, aor. I eijavqhn : pf. ei[a<Eth>mai :— to let, suffer, allow, permit, Lat. sinere , c. acc. pers. et inf. , Hom. , Att. :— Pass. to be given up, Soph.

2. oujk eja`n not to suffer, and then to forbid, hinder, prevent, c. acc. et. inf. , Hom. , etc. : often an inf. may be supplied, oujk ejavsei se tou`to will not allow thee [to do] this, Soph.

II. to let alone, let be, c. acc ., Hom. , etc. ;— absol. , e[ason let be, Aesch .: —Pass ., hJ dÆ ou\n ejavsqw Soph.

2. in same sense, c. inf ., klevyai me;n ejavsomen we will have done with stealing, Il.; qeo;" to; me;n dwvsei, to; dÆ ejavsei [ sc. dou`nai1/4 he will give one thing, the other he will let alone, Od.; v. caivrw fin.


ejavwn »a<Eth>1/4 , Ep. for ejhvwn , gen. pl. of eju?" .


e[ba±lon , aor. 2 of bavllw .


e[ba±n , Ep. for e[bhsan , 3 pl. aor. 2 of baivnw .


eJbdom-a<Eth>gevth" , ou, oJ , ( a[gw ) name of Apollo, to whom the Spartans sacrificed on the 7th of every month, Aesch.

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