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ejgguavw , f. hvsw : aor. I hjgguvhsa :— Med. , f. -hvsomai :—the forms ejn-eguvwn, ejn-eguvhsa, ejg-geguvhka (as if the Verb were a compd. with Prep. ejn or ejg ) are erroneous: ( ejgguvh ):— to give or hand over as a pledge, Lat. spondere , and in Med. to have a thing pledged to one, accept as a surety, Od., Plat.

2. of a father to give his daughter in marriage, to plight, betroth, Hdt ., Eur. :— Med. to have a woman betrothed to one, Dem.

II. Med. also to pledge oneself, give security, Plat ., etc. : c. acc. et inf. f. to promise or engage that. . , Ar. , Xen.

2. c. acc. rei, to answer for, Dem.


ejg-guvh , not ejgguva , hJ , ( ejn, guv-alon ) a pledge put into the hand: surety, security, Lat. vadimonium , Od., Att.


ejgguvhsi" , ew", hJ , ( ejgguavw ) betrothed, Isaeus.


ejgguhthv" , ou`, oJ , ( ejgguavw ) one who gives security, a surety, Hdt ., Att.


ejgguhtov" , hv, ovn , ( ejgguavw ) of a wife, wedded, Dem.


ejgguvqen »uØ1/4 , Adv. ( ejgguv" ) from nigh at hand, Il., Att.

2. with Verbs of rest, hard by, nigh at hand, Hom.
3. c. dat ., ejgguvqen tiniv hard by him, Il.; also c. gen ., Ib.


ejgguvqi »uØ1/4 , Adv. hard by, near, c. gen ., Il.; also c. dat ., Ib.

II. of Time, nigh at hand, Ib.


ejg-gumnavzw , f. avsw , to exercise a person in a thing, c. dat ., Luc. :— Med. to practise oneself in, Plut.


e[gguo" , on , ( ejgguvh ) giving security, Theogn ., Xen.


ejgguv" »uØ1/4 , Adv. : Comp. ejggutevrw , Sup. ejggutavtw or -uvtata ; also e[ggi<Eth>on, e[ggista :

I. of Place, near, nigh, at hand, Hom .; c. gen. hard by, near to, Id., Soph. ; also c. dat ., Eur.
II. of Time, nigh at hand, Hom ., Xen.
III. of Numbers, etc. , nearly, Thuc ., Xen. ; oujdÆ ejgguv" i.e. not by a great deal, nothing like it, Plat ., Dem. ; ejggu;" tou` teqnavnai very nearly dead, Plat.

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