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ejkpethvsimo" , on , ready to fly out, just fledged, Ar.


ejk-pevtomai or -pevtamai : f. -pthvsomai : aor. 2 ejxeptovmhn or -avmhn , and in act. form ejxevpthn :— to fly out or away, Hes ., Eur.


ejkpeuvqomai , = ejkpunqavnomai , Aesch.


ejkpefuØui`ai , pf. part. pl. fem. of ejkfuvw .


ejk-phdavw , f. -phdhvsomai :— to leap out, Hdt.

2. to make a sally, Xen.
3. to leap up, start up, Soph.


ejkphvdhma , ato", tov , a leap out, u{yo" krei`sson ejkphdhvmato" a height too great for out-leap, Aesch.


ejk-phnivzomai , f. Att. -iou`mai , to spin out: metaph. , of an advocate, aujtou` ejkphniei`tai tau`ta will wind these things out of him, Ar.


ejk-pi<Eth>duvomai »u<Eth>1/4 , Dep. to gush forth, Aesch.


ejk-pivmplhmi , f. -plhvsw , to fill up a bowl, Eur. ; ejkp. krath`ra" drovsou to fill them full of liquid, Id.

2. to satiate, Id., Thuc.
II. to fulfil, Hdt .; aJmartavda ejxevplhse paid the full penalty of sin, Id.
III. to accomplish, complete, Trag.


ejk-pivnw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. -pivomai : aor. 2 ejxevpion , Ep. e[kpion :— to drink out or off, quaff liquor, Od.: so, in pf. pass. , ejkpevpotai Ib., Hdt. ; ai{matÆ ejkpoqevnqÆ uJpo; cqonov" Aesch.

2. to drain a cup dry, plh`re" ejkp. kevra" Soph .: metaph. , ejkp. o[lbon Eur.


ejk-pipravskw , to sell out, sell off, Dem.


ejk-pivptw , f. -pesou`mai : aor. 2 ejxevpeson : pf. -pevptwka :— to fall out of a chariot, c. gen ., Hom. , etc. ; c.

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