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e[kplhxi" , ew", hJ , ( ejkplhvssw ) consternation, Thuc ., etc. ; e[kpl. kakw`n terror caused by misfortunes, Aesch.


ejk-plhrovw , f. wvsw , = ejkpivmplhmi , to fill quite up, Eur.

2. to make up to a certain number, Hdt. , Soph.
3. to man completely, nau`" Hdt.
4. to fulfil, Id.
II. ejkpl. limevna to make ones way over the harbour, Lat. emetipi , Eur.


ejk-plhvssw , Att. -ttw : f. xw :— to strike out of, drive away from, Aesch .: —absol. to drive away, Thuc.

II. to drive out of ones senses, to amaze, astound, Od., Eur. :—often in aor. 2 pass. , Ep. ejxeplhvghn , Att. ejxeplavghn »a±1/4 ; aor. I ejxeplhvcqhn ; pf. ejkpevplhgmai :— to be panic-struck, amazed, astonied, Il., Soph. , etc. ; ejkplagh`naiv tini to be astonished at a thing, Hdt. , so diav ti, ejpiv tini , etc. ; ejkplagh`naiv tina to be struck with panic fear of. . , Soph ., Thuc.

2. generally, of sudden passion, to be stricken, Aesch ., etc.


e[kploo" , contr. -plou" , oJ , ( ejkplevw ) a sailing out, leaving port, Aesch ., Thuc. , etc.

II. a passage out, entrance of a harbour, Aesch ., Xen.


ejk-pluvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , aor. I ejxevpluna :— to wash out, esp. to wash out colours from cloths, Plat. :— Pass. to be washed out, Hdt.

II. to wash clean, Ar. Hence e[kpluto"


e[kpluØto" , on , to be washed out, of colours, Plat. :— metaph. washed out, Aesch.


ejkplwvw , Ion. for ejkplevw .


ejk-pnevw , Ep. -pneivw : f. -pneuvsomai or -ou`mai :— to breathe out or forth, Plat .; kerauno;" ejkpnevwn flovga Aesch.

2. bivon ejkpn . to breathe ones last, expire, Id., Eur. ; also, ejkpn. qumovn, yuchvn Id.
II. absol. to cease blowing, to become calm, Id.
2. to blow outwards, of wind, Hdt. , Thuc. : to burst out, Soph.


ejkpnohv , hJ , a breathing out, expiring, Plat.

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