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II. to breathe out, u{pnon e[kf . i.e. to snore, Theocr.


ejk-fu<Eth>siavw , poët. for ejkfusavw , Aesch.


ejk-fuvw , f. uvsw »u<Eth>1/4 , to generate from another, to beget, of the male, Soph. , etc.

2. of the female, to bear, Id.: also, to produce a plant, Dem.
II. Pass ., with pf. and aor. 2 act. , to be born from another, c. gen ., Il., Soph. , etc. ; lavlhma ejkpefukov"

a tattler by nature, Id.


ejk-fwnevw , f. hvsw , to cry out, Plut.


ejk-ca±lavw , f. avsw »a±1/4 , to let go from, tiv tino" Anth.


ejk-cali<Eth>novw , f. wvsw , to unbridle, Plut.


ejk-caunovw , f. wvsw , to stuff out, to make vain and arrogant, Eur.


ejk-cevw , f. -cew` : aor. I ejxevcea , Ep. e[kceua , med. ejkceuavmhn :— to pour out, properly of liquids, Il., Aesch. , etc. : metaph. , (in Med) ejkceuvatÆ oji>stouv" he poured forth his arrows, Od.

2. of words, Aesch. , etc.
3. to pour out like water, squander, waste, ones substance, Id., etc.
II. Pass ., 3 pl. plqpf. ejxekevcunto , Ep. syncop. aor. 2 ejxevcuØto or e[kcuØto , part. ejkcuvmeno" »uØ1/4 :— to pour out, stream out or forth, properly of liquids, Hom. :— metaph. of persons, Id.:—generally, to be spread out, Od.

2. to be poured out like water, forgotten, Theogn ., Plat.
3. to give oneself up to joy, to be overjoyed, Ar .; ejkc. gelw`n to burst out laughing, Anth.
4. to lie languidly, Id.


ejk-coreuvw , f. sw , to break out of the chorus: Med. to drive out of the chorus, Eur.


ejk-cravw , f. -crhvsw : aor. 2 ejxevcrhn :— to declare as an oracle, tell out, Soph.

II. to suffice, Hdt .: —impers ., like ajpocra`/ , c. inf ., kw`" basilevi> ejkcrhvsei ; how will it suffice him? how will he be content to. . ? Id.


ejk-crhmativzomai , Dep. to squeeze money from, levy contributions on, tina Thuc.

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