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{ELKW : impf. ei|lkon , Ep. e{lkon :— f. e{lxw :— aor. 2 ei{lkuØsa (as if from eJlkuvw ); later ei|lxa , poët. e{lxa :— pf. ei{lkuØka :— Pass. , f. eJlkusqhvsomai : aor. I eiJlkuvsqhn : pf. ei{lkusmai , Ion. e{lkusmai . To draw, drag, Lat. traho , with a notion of force, podo;" e{lke began to drag [the dead body] by the foot, Il.; to draw ships down to the sea, Od.; of mules, to draw a chariot, Ib.; to draw the plough through the field, Ib.

2. to draw after one, Il.; pevda" e{lk . to trail fetters after one, Hdt.
3. to tear in pieces, Id., Eur. :— Med. , e{lkesqai caivta" to tear ones hair, Il.
4. to draw a bow, Hom. , etc.
5. to draw a sword, Soph. ; and in Med. , to draw ones sword, Il.
6. e{lk. iJstiva to hoist or haul up the sails, Od.
7. to hold up scales, so as to poise or balance them, Il.
II. after Hom. , in many ways:
1. to pull an oar, Hdt.
2. to drag into court, Ar .: to drag about, esp. with lewd violence, Dem. , etc.
3. to draw or suck up, Hdt .: of persons drinking, to drink in long draughts, quaff, Eur ., etc. ; eJlk. mastovn to suck the breast, Id.

4. e{lk. bivoton, zovhn to drag out a weary life, Id.: to drag on, prolong tediously, Hdt .: kovrdaka eJlkuvsai to dance in long, measured steps, Ar. 5. to draw to oneself, attract, Hdt ., etc.
6. e{lk. staqmovn to draw down the balance, i.e. to weigh so much, Id.; absol. , to; dÆ a]n eJlkuvsh/ whatever it weigh, Id.

7. eJlkuvsai plivnqou" , like Lat. ducere , to make bricks, Id.
8. Med. to draw to oneself, amass riches, Theogn.


eJlkwvdh" , e" , ( ei\do" ) like a sore, ulcerated, Eur.


e{lkwsi" , ew", hJ , ( eJlkovw ) ulceration, Thuc.


e[lla±bon , Ep. for e[labon , aor. 2 of lambavnw .


ejl-lampruvnomai , ( ejn, lampruvnw ) Pass. to gain distinction, Thuc.


ejl-lavmpw , f. yw , ( ejn ) to shine upon, to illuminate: metaph. in Med. to distinguish oneself, gain glory in or with a thing, Hdt.


JEllavnio" , Dor. for \Ellhvnio" .


JElla<Eth>no-divkai , wn, oiJ , the chief judges at the Olympic games, Pind.

II. at Sparta, a court-martial to try disputes among the allied troops, Xen.

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