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ejmbavdion »a±1/4, tov , Dim. of ejmbav" , Ar.


ejmba±dovn , Adv. ( ejmbaivnw ) on foot, by land, Il.


ejm-baivnw , f. -bhvsomai : pf. -bevbhka , Homeric part. -bebawv" : aor. 2 ejnevbhn , Ep. 3 sing. e[mbh , dual e[mbhton : ( ejn ):— to step in, mhv ti" ejmbhvh/ let none step in (to interfere), Il.

2. to go on, go quickly, e[mbhton , says Antilochus to his horses, Ib.; e[mba advance, Eur.
3. to step into a ship, embark, go on board, Hom ., etc. :— pf. to be mounted on, ejmbebaw;" i{ppoisi
Il.; also c. acc ., [Ilion ejmbebwv" Eur.
4. to step upon, c. dat ., Od., Aesch.
5. to enter upon, eij" kivndunon Xen .; c. acc ., ejmb. kevleuqon Eur ., Plat.
6. rarely c. gen. to step upon, gh`" o{rwn Soph.
7. in Poets, with acc. of the instrument of motion ( cf. baivnw II . 3), ejmbhvsei (2 sing. ) povda Eur.
II. Causal in aor. I ejnevbhsa , to make to step in, put in, Od., Eur. ; ejmbh`saiv tina eij" frontivda to make him anxious, Hdt.


ejm-bavllw , f. -ba±lw` : pf. -bevblhka : aor. 2 ejnevba±lon : ( ejn ):— to throw in, put in, Il., etc. ; ejmb. tina; eij" to; desmwthvrion to throw one into prison, Dem. ; e[mballe cei`ra dexiavn , as a pledge of good faith, Soph.

2. ejmb. tiniv ti qumw`/ to put it into his mind, Hom. ; so, ejmb. i{meron, mevno" tiniv Id.; boulh;n ejmb. periv tino" to give one counsel about a thing, Xen.

3. to throw at, upon or against, nhi>; keraunovn Od.; ejmb. plhgav" to inflict stripes, Xen. ; ejmb. pu`r to apply it, Thuc. :— metaph. , ejmb. fovbon tiniv to strike fear into him, Lat. incutere timorem , Hdt.

II. intr. ( sub. stratovn ) to make an inroad or invasion, Id.
b. generally to break, burst, rush in, Aeschin .; ejmbavlwmen eij" a[llon lovgon Eur.
2. to strike a ship with the ram, to charge or ram it, c. dat ., Hdt. , Thuc.
3. kwvph/ ejmbavllein ( sub. cei`ra" ) to lay oneself to the oar, Lat. incumbere remis , Od.; and ejmbavllein alone, to lay to, pull hard, Ar.

4. of a river, to empty itself, Plat.
III. Med. to throw in what is ones own, Dem.
2. metaph ., ejmbavllesqaiv ti qumw`/ to lay it to heart, consider it, Il.
3. c. gen ., ejmbavlesqe tw`n lagwv/wn fall upon the hares flesh, Ar.
IV. Pass. of ships, to charge, Thuc.


e[mbamma , ato", tov , ( ejmbavptw ) sauce, soup, Xen.


ejmbaptivzw , = sq. , Plut.

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