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e[m-moro" , on , ( ejn, meivromai ) partaking in, endued with a thing, c. gen ., Od.

II. ( movro" ) fortunate, Anth.


e[m-morfo" , on , ( ejn, morfhv ) in bodily form, Plut.


e[m-moto" , on , ( ejn, motov" ) needing to be stopped with lint: metaph ., e[mmoton tw`ndÆ a[ko" a cure to heal these wounds, Aesch.


e[m-mocqo" , on , ( ejn ) toilsome, bivoto" Eur.


ejm-muevw , f. hvsw , ( ejn ) to initiate in: Pass ., mw`n ejnemuhvqh" dh`tÆ ejn aujtw`/ ta; megavla ; what, were you initiated at the great mysteries in that shabby coat? Ar.


e[mnhsa , aor. I of mimnhvskw : ejmnhvsqhn aor. I pass.


ejmnwvonto , Ep. for ejmnw`nto , 3 pl. impf. of mnavomai .


ejmoiv , dat. of ejgwv .


e[molon , aor. 2 of blwvskw .


ejmov" , hv, ovn , possess. Pron. of first pers., ( ejgwv, ejmou` ) mine, Lat. meus , Hom ., etc. ; by crasis with the Art., ouJmov", toujmovn, toujmou`, twjmw`/, tajmav :—to strengthen the possessive notion, ejmo;n aujtou` mine own, Il.; to;n ejmo;naujtou` bivon Ar.

2. objectively, to me, relating to me, against me, ejmh; ajggelivh Hom .; th;n ejmh;n aijdw` respect for me, Aesch .; aiJ ejmai; diabolaiv slanders against me, Thuc .; toujmo;n ai|ma patrov" his blood shed by me, Soph.

3. to; ejmovn, ta; ejmav my property, Ar ., etc. :—but also, ta; ejmav or to; ejmovn , my part, my affairs, my interest, ou{tw to; ejmo;n e[cei things stand thus with me, Hdt .; e[rrei tajmav Xen .;—hence periphr. for ejgwv or ejmev , Soph. ; or absol. , tov ge ejmovn, to; me;n ejmovn , for my part, as far as concerns me, Hdt ., etc.

4. hJ ejmh; ( sub. gh` ) my country, Thuc.


ejmou`mai , f. med. of ejmevw .

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