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e[m-fwno" , on , ( ejn, fwnhv ) loud of voice, Xen.


e[m-yofo" , on , ( ejn ) sounding, Anth.


e[m-yu<Eth>co" , on , ( ejn, yuchv ) having life in one, alive, living, Hdt ., Att.

2. of a speech, animated, Luc.


ejmyu<Eth>covw , to animate, Anth.


ejn , Aeol. and Dor. for eij" into, v. eij" sub init.

ejn, jEN

jEN , poët. Ep. and poët. ejniv, eijn, eijniv , Lat. in . P REP. WITH D AT .:

1. in, ejn nhvsw/, ejn Troivh/ , etc. , Hom. , etc. :—elliptic, ejn jAlkinovoio ( sc. oi[kw/ ) Od.; eijn jAi?dao Il.; ejn paidotrivbou at the school of the training master, Ar.

2. in, upon, ejn ou[resi Hom ., etc.
3. in the number of, amongst, ejn Danaoi`" , etc. , Hom. ; and with Verbs of ruling, a[rcein, ajnavssein ejn polloi`" to be first or lord among many, i.e. over them, Id.; cf. oJ , hJ , tov B. III . 3.

4. in ones hands, within ones reach or power, Lat. penes , Hom ., etc. ; ejn soi; gavr ejsmen Soph .; ejn tw`/ qew`/ to; tevlo" h\n Dem.

5. in respect of, ejn ghvra/ in point of age, Soph.
6. when ejn is used with Verbs of motion, where we use the Prep. into, the construction is called pregnant, pivptein ejn konivh/si to fall [to the dust and lie] in it; oi\non e[ceuen ejn devpai> Od., etc.

1. of outward circumstances, ejn polevmw/ , etc. , Hom. ; ejn lovgoi" ei\nai to be engaged in oratory, Plat. ; oiJ ejn toi`" pravgmasi ministers of state, Thuc. ; oiJ ejn tevlei the magistrates, Id.

2. of inward states, of feeling, etc. , ejn filovthti Il.; ejn fovbw/ ei\nai to be in fear, ejn aijscuvnh/ , etc. ; also, ejn ojrgh`/ e[cein tinav to make him the object of ones anger, Thuc. ; ejn aijtiva/ e[cein tinav to blame him, Hdt.

3. often with a neut. Adj ., ejn bracei` = bracevw" , Soph. ; ejn tavcei = tacevw" , Id.; ejn ejlafrw`/ poiei`sqai Hdt .; ejn i[sw/ = i[sw" , Thuc.

III. OF THE INSTRUMENT, MEANS or MANNER , in or with, ejn puri; prh`sai Il.; ejn ojfqalmoi`" or ejn o[mmasin oJra`n have the object in ones eye, Lat. in oculis , Hom .; ejn litai`" by prayers, ejn dovlw/ by deceit, Aesch. , etc.

IV. OF T IME , in, in the course of, w{rh/ ejn eijarinh`/ Il.; ejn hJmevra/, ejn nuktiv Hdt ., Att. ; ejn w|/ ( sc. crovnw/ ), while, Hdt .:— ejn tai`" spondai`" in the time of the truce, Xen.

2. in, within, ejn e[tesi penthvkonta Thuc .; ejn trisi; mhsiv Xen.
B. WITHOUT CASE, AS ADVERB , in the phrase ejn dev . . :

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