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e[n-a±lo" , on , = ejnavlio" , h. Hom. , Eur.


ejn-ambluvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , to deaden or discourage besides, Plut.


ejn-a±mevlgw , f. xw , to milk into, gauloi`" Od.


ejn-avmillo" »a±1/4, on , ( a{milla ) engaged in equal contest with, a match for, tini Plat.


e[n-anta , Adv. opposite, over against, face to face, c. gen ., Il.; e[n. prosblevpein nekrovn Soph .; e[n. ejlqei`n Eur.


e[n-anti , Adv. , in the presence of, c. gen ., N.T.


ejn-antivbiØo" , on , set against, hostile, Anth .:—as Adv. face to face, against, macevsasqai, polemivzein


ejnantivon , Adv. , v. ejnantivo" .


ejnantiovomai , f. -wvsomai : aor. I hjnantiwvqhn : pf. hjnantivwmai : Dep. :— to set oneself against, oppose, withstand, tini Hdt ., Thuc. , etc. ; oujk ejnantiwvsomai to; mh; ouj gegwnei`n I will not refuse to speak, Aesch. ; tou`tov moi ejnantiou`tai pravttein this prevents me from doing, Plat.

2. to contradict, gainsay, Eur ., Thuc. , etc.
3. of the wind, to be adverse, Soph ., Thuc.


ejn-antivo" , a, on , opposite, Lat. adversus :

1. of Place, over against, opposite, c. dat ., Hom. : fronting, face to face, Od., Eur. :—with Verbs of motion, in opposite directions, meeting, Il.

2. in hostile sense, opposing, facing in fight, Ib., etc. ; c. gen ., ejnantivoi jAcaiw`n Ib., etc. : also c. dat ., Ib.:— oiJ ejn . ones adversaries, Aesch ., etc. :—generally, opposed to, tiniv Soph ., Xen.

3. of qualities, acts, etc. , the opposite, contrary, reverse, Aesch ., Soph. ; mostly c. gen ., ta; ejn. touvtwn the very reverse of these things, Hdt. , etc. ; also c. dat ., Aesch.

II in Adv. usages:
1. neut. ejnantivon , opposite, face to face, Od., Att. :—as Prep. c. gen. in the presence of, before, Lat. coram , c. gen ., Soph. , Thuc. , etc.

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