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ejn-apovlluØmai , f. -apolou`mai , Pass. to perish in a place, c. dat ., Xen.


ejn-apologevomai , Dep. to defend oneself in, Aeschin.


ejn-aponivzw , f. -nivyw , to wash clean in a thing:— Med. , ejnaponivzesqai tou;" povda" ejn tw`/ podanipth`ri to wash ones feet in the foot-pan, Hdt.


ejn-apopnevw , f. -pneuvsomai , to expire in the act of doing a thing, c. dat ., Plut.


ejn-apopnivgomai , Pass. to be suffocated in, Luc.


ejn-aposhmaivnw , f. a±nw` , to indicate or point out in, Plut.


ejn-apotivnw , f. -tivsw »i<Eth>1/4 , to spend on law in a place, Ar.


ejn-apoyuvcw »u<Eth>1/4 , f. xw , to give up the ghost in a place, Hes. , Anth.


ejn-avptw , f. yw , to bind on or to a person, Eur. :— Pass. , pf. e[nhmmai , of persons, to be fitted with, clad in, c. acc ., leonteva" ejnammevnoi ( Ion. for ejnhmm- ) Hdt. , Ar.

II. to kindle, set on fire, Id.

e[nara, [ENA RA

[EN ØARA , wn, tav , only in pl. , the arms and trappings of a slain foe, spoils, booty, Lat. spolia , Il.


ejn-a±ra±rivskw : aor. I ejnh`rsa , to fit or fasten in, Od.

II. ejnavrhra , intr. , to be fitted in, Ib.


ejnavrgei , Dor. for ejnhvrgei , impf. of ejnergevw .


ejn-arghv" , ev" , ( ajrgov" ) visible, palpable, in bodily shape, properly of gods appearing in their own forms, Hom. ; so of a dream or vision, Od., Hdt. , etc. ; ejnargh;" tau`ro" in visible form a bull, a very bull, Soph.

2. manifest to the minds eye, distinct, Id., Dem. :— Adv. -gw`" , manifestly, Aesch ., etc.

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