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ejnda<Eth>mevw, ejnda<Eth>miva , Dor. for ejndhm- .


ejndavpio" , a, on , ( e[ndon ) native of the country, Mosch.


ejn-da±tevomai , Dep. to divide, di;" tou[novmÆ ejndatouvmeno" dividing the name of Polynices (into polu; nei`ko" ), Aesch. ; ejnd. lovgou" ojneidisth`ra" to distribute or fling about reproaches, Eur.

2. c. acc. objecti, to speak of in detail, i.e., in bad sense, to reproach, revile, or, in good sense, to tell of, celebrate, Soph.


ejndevdmhmai , pf. pass. of ejndevmw .


ejndehv" , ev" : neut. pl. ejndea` : ( ejndevw ):— in need of a thing, c. gen ., Hdt. , Att.

2. absol. in need, indigent, Xen ., Plat. , etc.
b. lacking, deficient, mostly in Comp. , Hdt. , Thuc. ; tini in a thing, Id.:— to; ejndeev" lack, want, defect, deficiency, Id.

3. inferior to, c. gen ., Xen. ; th`" dunavmew" ejndea` pra`xai to act short of your real power, Thuc. ; touvtou ejndea` ejfaivneto ( sc. ta; pravgmata ) their power was unequal to the purpose, Id.

4. insufficient, Id.:— Adv. , ejndew`" , defectively, insufficiently, Plat .; mh; ejndew`" gnw`nai to judge not insufficiently, Thuc.


e[ndeia , hJ , ( ejndehv" ) want, need, lack, Thuc ., etc.

2. defect, deficiency, Plat.
3. want of means, need, poverty, Lat. egestas , Id., Dem.


e[ndeigma , ato", tov , a proof, token, Dem. From ejndeivknumi


ejndeivknu<Eth>mi or -uvw , -deivxw , to mark, point out, Lat. indicare , Soph ., etc.

2. as Att. law-term, to inform against one, Plat. ; so in Med. , Plut. :—in Pass. , ejndedeigmevno" Plat .; ejndeicqevnta dekavzein being informed against for bribing, Dem.

II. Med. to shew forth oneself or what is ones own, Phleivdh/ ejndeivxomai I will declare myself to Achilles, Il.; ejndeivknusqai th;n gnwvmhn Hdt.

2. with a part. to shew, give proof of doing, Eur. , etc.
3. c. acc. rei, to display, exhibit, Lat. prae se ferre , Aesch ., Thuc.
4. ejndeivknusqaiv tini to display oneself to one, make a set at him, court him, Dem. , Aeschin.


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