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ejn-diabavllw , to calumniate in a matter, Luc.


ejndiØavzw , ( e[ndio" 1) to pass the noon, Plut.


ejn-diaqruvptomai , Pass. to play the prude towards, trifle with, tini Theocr.


ejn-diØaitavomai , Ion. -evomai , Dep. to live or dwell in a place, Hdt. , Thuc. , etc.


ejn-diatavssw , f. xw , to draw an army up in, Hdt.


ejn-diatrivbw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. yw , to spend or consume in doing, crovnon Ar ., Thuc.

II. absol. ( sub. crovnon ), to spend time in a place, Dem.
2. to waste time by staying in a place, linger there, Thuc. , Plat.
3. to continue in the practice of a thing e[n tini Xen .: absol. to dwell upon a point (in speaking), Aeschin.


ejndiatriptevon , Verbal, one must dwell upon, tiniv Luc.


ejndiØavw , Ep. impf. ejndiavaskon , ( e[ndio" ) to stay in the open air; generally, to linger in or haunt a place,
c. dat ., Anth. :—in Med. , h. Hom.
II. trans ., poimevne" mh`la ejndiavaskon shepherds were driving their sheep afield, Theocr.


ejn-diØduvskw , to put on another, tinav ti N.T .: —Med. to put on oneself, Ib.


ejn-divdwmi , f. -dwvsw , to give in:

I. to give into ones hands, give up to, tinav or tiv tini Eur ., etc. ; a city, esp. by treachery, Thuc. , Xen.
II. like Lat. praebere , to give, lend, afford, ejndidovnai tini; cevra to lend him a hand, Eur. ; ejnd. labhvn tini to give one a handle, Ar. :— to cause, excite, Thuc.

III. to shew, exhibit, Hdt ., Eur. , etc.
IV. to allow, grant, concede, Eur ., Thuc.
V. intr. to give in, allow, permit, Hdt .: to give in, give way, Thuc .:— ejnd. tini to yield to, Id.


ejn-dihmereuvw , to pass the day in, Theophr.

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