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ejn-eivllw , to wrap up in a thing, c. dat ., Thuc.


e[neimen , Ep. for ejnevsmen , 1 pl. of e[neimi ( eijmiv , sum): but

II. e[neimen , 3 sing. aor. I of nevmw .


e[n-eimi ( eijmiv sum), f. -evsomai , to be in a place, c. dat ., Hom. , etc. : c. dat. pl. to be among, Hdt.

2. absol. to be there, be in abundance, Od., etc. ; sivtou oujk ejnovnto" as there was no corn there, Thuc. ; iJerw`n tw`n ejnovntwn of the temples that were in the place, Id.

II. to be possible, Trag ., etc.
2. impers. c. dat. pers. et inf. it is in ones power, one may or can, Soph ., etc.
3. part. neut. ejnovn absol. since it was in them, was possible, Luc.
4. ta; ejnovnta all things possible, Dem.


ejn-eivrw , to string on a thing, Pass. , Hdt.


ejn-eiv" , aor. 2 part. of ejnivhmi .


e{neka or -ken , Ion. and poët. ei{neka or -ken :— Prep. with gen. , mostly after its case, Il., etc. : on account of, for the sake of, because of, for, Lat. gratia , Ib., etc.

2. as far as regards, as for, ejmou` ge e{neka as far as depends on me, Ar. ; ei{nekevn ge crhmavtwn Hdt. , etc.

3. pleon., ajmfi; sou[neka Soph .; o{son ajpo; boh`" e{neka as far as shouting went, Thuc.
II. as Conjunct. , for ou{neka , because, h. Hom.


ejnevkursa , aor. I of ejgkuvrw .


ejn-elauvnw , f. -elavsw , Att. -elw` , to drive in or into, c. dat ., Il.


ejn-elivssw , Ion. eijl- , f. xw , to roll up in: Med. to wrap oneself in, Hdt.


ejn-emevw , f. evsw , to vomit in or into, ei[" ti Hdt.


ejnenhvkonta , oiJ, aiJ, tav , ( ejnneva ) indecl. ninety, Il., etc.

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