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ejn-eudaimonevw , f. hvsw , to be happy in ones life, Thuc.


ejn-eudokimevw , f. hvsw , to gain glory in anothers ill fortune, Dem.


ejn-euvdw , f. -eudhvsw , to sleep in or on a thing, c. dat ., Od.


ejn-eulogevomai , Pass. to be blessed in one, c. dat ., N.T.


ejn-euvnaio" , on , ( eujnhv ) on which one sleeps, for sleeping on, Od.; ejneuvnaia , bed-furniture, Ib.


ejnevcea , aor. I of ejgcevw : ejn-eceuavmhn , Ep. aor. I med.


ejnecqh`nai , aor. I pass. inf. of fevrw :— ejnevcqhti imper .; ejnecqeivhn opt .; ejnecqw` , subj.


ejnecqhvsomai , f. pass. of fevrw .


ejn-ecuØravzw , f. avsw , ( ejnevcuØron ) to take a pledge from one, tinov" Lex ap. Dem.

2. c. acc. rei, to take in pledge, Dem ., Aeschin. :— Pass. to have ones goods seized for debt, Ar .:— Med. to have security given one, take it for oneself, Id.


ejnecuØra<Eth>siva , hJ , a taking in pledge, a security, pledge, Plat.


ejnecuØrasmov" , oJ , = ejnecurasiva , Plut. From ejnevcuron


ejn-evcuØron , tov , ( ejcurov" ) a pledge, surety, security, Hdt ., Xen. ; ejn. tiqevnai ti to make a thing a pledge, put it in pawn, Ar.


ejn-evcw , f. -evxw or -schvsw , to hold within, covlon ejnevcein tiniv to lay up, cherish inward wrath at one, Hdt.

II. Pass ., with f. and aor. med ., to be held, caught, entangled in a thing, c. dat ., Id., Xen. : metaph. , ejnevcesqai ajporivh/sin Hdt .; ejn kakw`/ Id.; ejn qwuvmati ejnevsceto was seized with wonder, Id.

2. to be obnoxious, liable or subject to, zhmiva/, aijtiva/ Plat ., etc.
III. intr. to enter in, pierce, ei[" ti Xen.

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