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e[nqa-per , Adv. there where, where, stronger form of e[nqa , Il., etc. : whither, Soph.


ejn-qavptw , f. yw , to bury in a place: aor. 2 pass. ejnetavfhn Aeschin.


ejnqau`ta, ejnqeu`ten , Ion. for ejntau`qa, ejnteu`qen .


ejn-qeavzw , f. sw , to be inspired, Hdt.


ejnqevmen, -qevmenai , Ep. for ejnqei`nai , aor. 2 inf. of ejntivqhmi .


e[nqen , ( ejn ) Adv. :

I. Demonstr.,
1. of Place, Lat. inde , thence, Hom .; e[nqen me;n. . , eJtevrwqi dev .. , on the one side and the other, Od.; e[nqen kai; e[nqen on this side and on that, Lat. hinc illinc , Hdt ., etc. :— c. gen ., e[nqen kai; e[nqen tw`n trocw`n on both sides of the wheels, Xen.

2. of Time, thereupon, thereafter, Il., Aesch.
3. of occasion, thence, from that point, Od.
II. Relat., for o{qen ,
1. of Place, Lat. unde , whence, from which, Ib., Soph.
2. of occasion, whence, like Lat. unde , Aesch ., Eur. Hence ejnqevnde


ejnqevnde , Adv. hence, from this quarter, Lat. hinc , Hom ., Att. ; ejnqevndÆ aujtovqen from this very city, Ar.

2. of Time or Consequence, from that time, Thuc .; ejnqevnde or toujnqevnde , thereafter, Soph ., Eur. ; tajnqevnde what followed, the event, Id.


e[n-qeo" , on , full of the god, inspired, possessed, Trag ., Xen. :— c. gen. rei, e[nqeo" tevcnh" gifted of heaven with prophetic art, Aesch.

II. of divine frenzy, inspired by the god, Id.


ejn-qermaivnw , to heat: Pass. , ejnteqevrmantai povqw/ is heated by passion, Soph.


e[nqesi" , ew", hJ , ( ejntivqhmi ) a putting in: also a piece put in, a mouthful, Ar.


e[n-qesmo" , on , lawful, like e[nnomo" , Plut.

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