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2. to take to heart, be hurt or angry at, ti Aesch ., Dem.
3. to think out a thing, form a plan, Thuc.
4. to infer, conclude, Dem. Hence ejnquvmhma


ejnquvmhma , tov , a thought, piece of reasoning, argument, Soph ., Aeschin.

II. an invention, device, Xen


ejnquvmhsi" »u<Eth>1/4, ew", hJ , consideration, esteem, Thuc .; and ejnqumhtevon


ejnqu<Eth>mhtevon , verb. Adj. one must consider, Dem .; and ejnqumiva


ejnqu<Eth>miva , hJ , a scruple, misgiving, Thuc.


ejn-quvmio" »u<Eth>1/4, on , ( qumov" ) taken to heart, mhv soi ejnquvmio" e[stw take not much thought for him, Od.; ejnquvmiovn oiJ ejgevneto he had trouble of heart, Hdt .; tiv dÆ ejstiv soi tou`tÆ ejnquvmion ; what is ‘t that weighs upon thy heart? Soph .; ejnquvmion poiei`sqaiv ti to have a scruple about it, Thuc.


ejn-qu<Eth>mistov" , hv, ovn , = ejnquvmio" , taken to heart, Hdt.


e[nqw , Dor. for e[lqw , aor. 2 subj. of e[rcomai .


ejn-qwra<Eth>kivzw , f. Att. iw` , to arm, equip with armour: part. pf. pass. ejnteqwrakismevno" mailed, Xen.


ejniv , poët. for ejn .

II. eJniv , dat. of ei|" .


e[ni , for e[nesti or e[neisi , 3 sing. and pl. of e[neimi ( eijmiv sum).


ejniauvsio" , a, on , or o", on , of a year, one year old, su`" Od., Dem. , etc.

II. yearly, annual, year by year, Hdt .: —neut. pl. as Adv. , Hes.
III. for a year, lasting a year, Eur ., Thuc. ; kajniauvsio" bebwv" gone, absent for a year, Soph. From ejniautov"


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