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ejn-ippavzomai , Dep. = sq. , Plut.


ejn-ippeuvw , f. sw , to ride in, Hdt.


ejniprh`sai , Ep. aor. I inf. of ejmpivprhmi .

ejnivptw, jENI vPTW

jENI vPTW , f. ejnivyw : Ep. aor. 2 hjnivpa±pon »i<Eth>1/4 , and also ejnevni<Eth>pon :— to reprove, upbraid, Lat. objurgo , Hom.


ejni-skevllw, ejni-skhvptw, ejni-skivmptw , Ep. for ejnskevllw , etc.


ejnispei`n , aor. 2 inf. of ejnevpw .


ejnisphvsw , fut. of ejnevpw :— aor. 2 e[nispon .


ejnivssw , collat. form of ejnivptw , to attack, reproach, Hom .; Ep. inf. ejnissevmen Il.:— Pass. , ejnissovmeno" misused, Ib.


ejn-ivsthmi , Causal in pres. , fut. and aor. I act ., and in aor. I med .:— to put, set, place in, ejn livqoi" Xen .; ej" ta;" cwvra" Hdt.

2. aor. I med. to begin, Dem.
B. Pass ., with aor. 2 pf. , and plqpf. act .:— to be set in, to stand in a place, c. dat ., Eur. ; ejn tw`/ nhw`/ Hdt.

II. to be appointed, basileu;" ejnivstasqai Id.
III. to be upon, to threaten, Lat. imminere , c. dat. pers., Id.:— absol. to be at hand, begin, arise, Ar ., Dem. :—of time, oJ ejnestw;" povlemo" the present war, Aeschin. ; ta; ejnesthkovta pravgmata present circumstances, Xen.

IV. to stand in the way, resist, tini Thuc .: —absol. to stand in the way, Id.


ejn-ivscw . = ejnevcw : Med. , ejnivscesqai th;n fwnhvn to keep in ones voice, Plut. :— Pass. to be held fast, Hdt. , Xen.


ejni-trevfw, ejni-trivbw , Ep. for ejn-trevfw, ejn-trivbw .

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