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e[nno" , v. sub e[no" .


jEnnosiv-gaio" , oJ , Ep. for jEnosiv-gaio" , ( e[nosi", gai`a ) the Earth-shaker, name of Poseidon, Hom.


ejn-noclevw , poët. for ejnoclevw .


e{nnu<Eth>mi or eJnnuvw , Ion. ei{numi, eiJnuvw : f. e{sw , Ep. e{ssw : Ep. aor. 2 e{ssa :— Med. , Ep. fut. 3 sing. e{sato , Ep. e{ssato, eJevssato :— Pass. , pf. ei|mai, ei|tai , Ep. 2 sing. e{ssai : 2 and 3 sing. plqpf. e{sso, e{sto , Ep. e{esto , 3 dual e{sqhn , 3 pl. ei{ato . (The Root was ü ES , cf. Lat. vestio ). To put clothes on another, c. dupl. acc. , kei`nov" se clai`navn te citw`nav te e{ssei he will clothe thee in cloak and frock, Od.

II. Med. and Pass. , c. acc. rei, to clothe oneself in, to be clad in, put on, to wear, Hom .; ajspivda" eJssavmenoi , of tall shields which covered the whole person, Il.; »xusta;1/4 eiJmevna calkw`/ shafts clad with brass, Ib.; and by a strong metaph. , lavi>non e{sso citw`na thou hadst been clad in coat of stone, i.e. stoned by the people, Ib.:— metaph. also, fresi; eiJmevnoi ajlkhvn Ib.


ejn-nuØceuvw , f. sw , to sleep in or on a place, Soph.


ejnnuvcio" »uØ1/4, a, on , or o", on , ( nuvx ) in the night, by night, nightly, Lat. nocturnus , Hom ., Soph. :— ejnnuvcioi dwellers in the realms of Night, the dead, Id.


e[n-nuØco" , on , = foreg., Il., Aesch. :— Adv. e[nnucon or -ca , N.T.

II. epith. of Hades, Soph.


ejnnw`sai, -nwvsa" , Ion. for ejnnoh`sai, -nohvsa" , aor. I inf. and part. of ejnnoevw .


ejn-ovdio" , a, on , Ep. eijn-ovdio" , h, on , ( oJdov" ) in op on the way, by the way-side, Il., Aesch. :—epith. of gods, who had their statues by the way-side, Lat. triviales , as of Hecaté, Soph. , Eur. ; jEnodiva , = Lat. Trivia , Id.


ejn-oikevw , f. hvsw , to dwell in a place, c. dat ., Eur. ; ejn tovpw/ Xen .; »Qurevan1/4 e[dosan ejnoikei`n gave it them to dwell in, Thuc.

II. c. acc. loci, to inhabit, Hdt ., Soph. , etc. ; oiJ ejnoikou`nte" the inhabitants, Hdt ., Thuc. , etc.


ejnoivkhsi" , ew", hJ , a dwelling in a place, Thuc.

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