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ejntropiva , hJ , a trick, dodge, h. Hom.


e[ntrofo" , on , ( ejntrevfw ) living in or acquainted with a thing, c. dat ., Soph.

2. as Subst. , nursling, Anth.


ejn-truØfavw , f. hvsw , to revel in a thing, c. dat ., Menand.: —absol. to be luxurious, Xen.

II. to mock at, tiniv Eur.


ejn-trwvgw , f. xomai : aor. 2 ejnevtra±gon :— to eat greedily, to gobble up, Ar .: —c. gen. to eat greedily of, Luc.


ejn-tugcavnw , f. -teuvxomai : aor. 2 ejnevtuØcon : pf. ejntetuvchka : aor. I pass. part. ejnteucqeiv" in act. sense:— to light upon, fall in with, meet with a person or thing, c. dat ., Hdt. , etc. :— absol. , oJ ejntucwvn the first who meets us, any chance person, Thuc .; of thunder, to fall upon, c. dat ., Xen. ; so of misfortunes, Aesch.

2. rarely, like tugcavnw c. gen ., lelumevnh" th`" gefuvrh" ejntucovnte" having found the bridge broken up, Hdt. ; ejntucw;n jAsklhpidw`n having fallen in with them, Soph.

II. to converse with, talk to, tiniv Plat.
2. to intercede with, intreat, tiniv N. T., Plut. :— c. inf. to intreat one to do, Id.
III. of books, to meet with, Plat .: hence, to read, Luc.


ejn-tuØlivssw , f. xw , to wrap up, Ar.


ejn-tuvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , impf. e[ntu<Eth>non : f. ejntuØnw` : aor. I e[ntu<Eth>na :—also ejntuvw »uØ1/4 , impf. e[ntuon :— to equip, deck out, get ready, Hom .; devpa" dÆ e[ntunon ( aor. I imperat .) prepare the cup, i.e. mix the wine, Il.; eu\ ejntuvnasan e} aujthvn having decked herself well out, Ib.:— Med. , o[fra tavcista ejntuvneai ( Ep. for ejntuvnh/ ) mayst get thee ready, Od.:— Med. , c. acc ., to prepare for oneself, ejntuvnesqai dai`ta, dei`pnon Hom.


ejn-tuØpav" , ( tuvpo" ) Adv. , ejntupa;" ejn claivnh/ kekalummevno" (of Priam in his grief), wrapt up in his mantle so closely as to shew his limbs, Il.


ejn-tuØpovw , f. wvsw , to cut in intaglio, Plut.


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