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ejxaireqevnte" to;n Dhmokhvdea having had him taken out of their hands, Hdt.

IV. in Med. to set free, deliver, Aesch ., Dem.
V. to make away with, annul, Soph .: to demolish a city, Hdt. , etc.
2. to bring to an end, accomplish, Eur.


ejx-aivrw , f. -a±rw` , contr. from Ion. ejxaeivrw , to lift up, lift off the earth, Hom ., Hdt. ; ejxavrante" having bade me rise (from suppliant posture), Soph.

2. to raise in dignity, exalt, Hdt ., Aeschin.
3. to raise, arouse, stir up, Theogn ., Soph. ; ejx. se qanei`n excites thy wish to die, Eur.
II. Med ., 3 sing. aor. I ejxhvrato , to carry off for oneself, earn, win, gain, Od.
2. to take on oneself, Soph.
III. Pass. to be raised, Hdt .: to rise up, rise, Eur .:— to be excited, agitated, Soph.


ejx-aivsio" , on , or a, on , beyond what is ordained or fated: hence,

1. lawless, Od.
2. extraordinary, violent, Hdt ., Xen. ; ejx. fughv headlong flight, Id.


ejx-a<Eth>i?ssw , Att. -av/ssw and av/ttw , f. xw , to rush forth, start out from, c. gen ., Il.; ejk tou` newv Ar .:—so in Pass. , Il.


ejx-a±i>stovw , f. wvsw , to utterly destroy, Aesch.


ejx-aitevw , f. hvsw , to demand or ask for from another, c. dupl. acc. , thvnde mÆ ejxaitei` cavrin Soph .; ejx. tina patrov" to ask her in marriage from. . , Id.:— ejx. tina to demand the surrender of a person, Hdt. , Dem. ;— smikro;n ejx . to beg for little, Soph.

II. Med. to ask for oneself, demand, Hdt ., Soph. , etc.
2. in Med. also, = paraitou`mai , to beg off, gain his pardon or release, Lat. exorare , Aesch ., Xen. ; c. inf. to beg that one may obtain, Eur. :— c. acc. rei, to avert by begging, Lat. deprecari , Id. Hence ejxaivthsi"


ejxaivthsi" , ew", hJ , a demanding one for punishment, Dem.

II. intercession, Id.


e[x-aito" , on , ( aijtevw ) much asked for, much desired, choice, excellent, Hom.


ejx-aivfnh" , ( a[fnw ) Adv. on a sudden, Il., Att. ; ejx. ajpoqanovnto" , the moment he is dead, Plat.

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