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ejxavleiptron , tov , an unguent-box, Ar. From ejxaleivfw


ejx-a±leivfw , f. yw : Pass. pf. ejx-hvlimmai , Att. -alhvlimmai :— to plaster or wash over, Hdt ., Thuc.

II. to wipe out, obliterate, Eur .:— ejx. tinav to strike his name off the roll, Ar. , etc.
2. metaph ., like Lat. delere , to wipe out, destroy utterly, Aesch ., Eur. :— Med. , ejxaleivyasqai frenov" to blot it out of ones mind, Id.


ejx-a±levomai , Dep. to beware of, avoid, escape, Il.; Ep. aor. I inf. ejxalevasqai , Hes. , Ar.


ejxa±leuvomai , =foreg., Soph.


ejx-a±livndw , only in aor. I part. ejxalivsa" »i<Eth>1/4 , pf. ejxhvli<Eth>ka :— to roll out or thoroughly, a[page to;n i{ppon ejxalivsa" take him away when you have given him a good roll on the ajlindhvqra , Ar. ; ejxhvlika" ejmev gÆ ejk tw`n ejmw`n you have rolled me out of house and home, Id.


ejxalla±ghv , hJ , a complete change, alteration, Plat. From ejxallavssw


ejx-allavssw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to change utterly or completely, Eur. :— Med. , mhde;n ejxallavssetai he sees no change take place, Soph.

2. to withdraw from a place, c. acc ., Eur.
II. ejxallavssein tiv tino" to remove from, c. gen ., Thuc.
2. intr. to change, turn another way, move back and forward, Eur .; poivan ejxallavxw ; which other way shall I take? Id.; ejxallavssousa cavri" unusual grace, Id.


ejx-avllomai , f. -a±lou`mai : Ep. aor. 2 part. ejxavlmeno" : Dep. :— to leap out of or forth from a place, c. gen. , Il.; promavcwn ejxavlmeno" springing out from the front rank, Ib.; ejxavlato naov" ( Dor. for ejxhvlato nhov" ) Theocr. :— absol. to jump off, hop off, Ar .; i{nÆ ejxhvllou ; to what point didst thou leap forth, i.e. to what misery hast thou come? Soph. ; of wheels, to start from the axle, Xen.

II. to leap up. Id.: of horses, to rear, Id.


ejx-a±luvskw , f. uvxw : aor. I ejxhvluxa :—like ejxalevomai , to flee from, c. acc ., Eur. ; absol. to escape, Aesch. , Eur.


ejxa±luvw , = ejxaluvskw , h. Hom.

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