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ejx-anegeivrw , f. -egerw` , to excite, Eur.


ejx-avneimi , to rise from the horizon, of stars, Theocr.

II. to come back from, a[grh" h. Hom.


ejx-a±nemovw , f. wvsw , to blow out with wind, inflate, Eur .: —metaph ., ejxhnemwvqhn I was puffed up, Id.


ejx-anevrcomai , to come forth from, c. gen ., Eur.


ejx-aneurivskw , to find out, invent, Soph.


ejx-anevcw , f. -evxw : to hold up from: but mostly intr. to jut out from, c. gen ., Theocr.

II. Med ., impf. and aor. 2 with double augm. ejxhneicovmhn, ejxhnescovmhn , to bear up against, endure, with part. , ejxanascoivmhn kluvwn Soph .; tau`ta pai`da" ejxanevxetai pavsconta" Eur .; tau`ta dovxantÆ ejxhnevsceto endured that these things should be decreed, Id.


ejx-anqevw , f. hvsw , to put out flowers, Xen.

2. metaph. to burst forth, like an efflorescence, bloom forth, Aesch ., Eur. :—of ulcers, to break out, Thuc. , Luc.


ejx-anivhmi , f. -anhvsw or -hvsomai , to send forth, let loose, Il., Soph. :— c. gen. to send forth from, Eur.

2. to let go, Id.
3. to slacken, undo, Id.:—and intr. to slacken, relax, Soph .; c. gen ., ojrgh`" ejxaneiv" Eur.


ejx-anivsthmi ,

I. Causal in pres. , impf. , fut. and aor:
1. to raise up: to make one rise from his seat, bid one rise from suppliant posture, Eur. ; ejx. th;n ejnevdran to order the men in ambush to rise, Xen.

2. to make a tribe emigrate, to remove or expel, Hdt ., Soph.
3. to depopulate, destroy, povlin Hdt ., Eur. , etc.
4. ejx. qhriva to rouse them from their lair, Xen.
II. intr. in Pass. , with aor. 2, pf. and plqpf. act .:
1. to stand up from ones seat, Hdt ., etc. ; to rise to speak, Soph. ; from ambush, Eur. , Thuc. ; from bed, Eur.

2. c. gen. to arise and depart from, emigrate from, Hdt .: —absol. to break up, depart, Thuc ., etc.

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