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e[x-edro" , on , ( e{dra ) away from home, Soph.

2. c. gen. out of, away from, Eur .: metaph. , e[xedroi frenw`n lovgoi insensate words, Id.
II. of birds of omen, e[x. cwvran e[cein to be in an unlucky quarter, Ar.


ejxeqevmhn , aor. 2 med. of ejktivqhmi .


ejxevqoron , aor. 2 of ejkqrwvskw .


e[xei , for e[xiqi , imperat. of e[xeimi ( ei\mi ibo).


ejx-ei`don , inf. -idei`n , aor. 2 in use of the pres. ejxoravw , to look out, see far, Il.: also imperat. med ., ejxidou` see well to it, Soph.


eJxeivh" , Adv. , poët. for eJxh`" .


ejx-eikavzw , f. avsw , to make like, to adapt, Xen .: —Pass ., ejxeivkastov tini was like it, Id.; part. pf ., oujde;n ejxh/kasmevna not mere semblances, but the things themselves, Aesch. ; stevrna ejxh/kasmevna portrayed, Eur .; oujk ejxh/kasmevno" not represented by a portrait-mask, Ar.


ejx-eilevw , f. hvsw , = ejxeivllw , to unfold, Luc.


ejxeivllw , to disentangle, Xen.

II. to keep forcibly from, debar from, tinav tino" Dem.


ejxei`lon , aor. 2 of ejxairevw .


ejx-eiluvw , to unwrap: Pass. to glide along, aor. I ejxeiluvsqhn , Theocr.


e[x-eimi ( ei\mi ibo) Ep. 2 sing. e[xeisqa : Att. imper. e[xei , for e[xiqi : serving as Att. fut. of ejxevrcomai , but with impf. ejxhv/ein , Ion. ejxhvi>a :— to go out, come out of the house, Hom. ; c. gen. loci, Od., Soph. ; ejx. ejk tw`n iJppevwn to leave the knights, Hdt. ; eij" e[legcon ejxievnai to come forth to the trial, Soph.

2. to march out with an army, Thuc ., Xen. :— c. acc. cogn. to go out on an expedition or enterprise, Soph. , Eur. , etc.

3. to come forward on the stage, Ar.

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