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ejx-ergavzomai , f. -avsomai : pf. -eivrgasmai , Ion. -evrgasmai (both in act. and pass. sense):— to work out, make completely, finish off, bring to perfection, Hdt ., Att.

2. to accomplish, perform, achieve a work, Soph. ; kako;n ejx. tina to work him mischief, Hdt. :—as Pass. , e[rgon ejsti;n ejxeirgasmevnon Aesch .; ejpÆ ejxergasmevnoisi after the deed had been done, Hdt.

3. to work at: as Pass. , ajgroi; eu\ ejxergasmevnoi well cultivated lands, Id.; »hJ gh`1/4 ejxeivrgastai Thuc.

II. to undo, destroy, overwhelm, ruin, Hdt ., Eur:—as Pass. , ejxeirgavsmeqa we are undone, Id. Hence ejxergastikov"


ejxergastikov" , hv, ovn , able to accomplish, tino" Xen.


ejx-evrgw , Att. ejx-eivrgw , to shut out from a place, debar, Hdt ., etc. ; ejxeivrgein tina cqonov" Eur .; ejk tou` qeavtrou Dem .: —Pass ., ejxeivrgesqai pavntwn Thuc. 2. to debar, hinder, prevent, preclude, Soph ., Eur.
3. to force: Pass. to be constrained, Hdt ., Thuc.


ejx-ereeivnw , Ep. Verb,

1. c. acc. rei, to inquire into, Od.
2. c. acc. pers. to inquire after, Ib.: absol. to make inquiry, Il.; so in Med. , Ib.
II. to search thoroughly, Od.


ejx-erevqw , to irritate greatly, Anth.


ejx-ereivpw , to strike off: intr. in aor, 2 ejxhvriØpon , inf. ejxeriØpei`n , to fall to earth, Il.; caivth zeuvglh" ejxeripou`sa the mane streaming downwards from the yoke, Ib.


ejx-ereuvgomai , Pass. , of rivers, to empty themselves, Hdt.


ejx-ereunavw , f. hvsw , to search out, examine, Soph ., Eur.


ejx-erevw (A), Att. contr. -erw` , fut. of ejxei`pon , I will speak out, tell out, utter aloud, Hom ., Soph. : so in pf. act. ejxeivrhka Id.; 3 sing. plqpf. pass. ejxeivrhto Id.; fut. pass. ejxeirhvsetai Id.


ejx-erevw (B), = ejxevromai (of which it is the Ep. form):

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