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ejxomoivwsi" , ew", hJ , a becoming like, Plut.


ejxomologevomai , f. hvsomai , Dep. to confess in full, Plut ., N.T.

2. to make full acknowledgments, give thanks, Ib.
II. in Act. to agree, promise, Ib.


ejx-omovrgnu<Eth>mi , f. -omovrxw :— to wipe off from, Eur .: —Med. to wipe off from oneself, purge away a pollution, Id.

II. metaph ., ejxomovrxasqaiv tini mwrivan to wipe off ones folly on another, i.e. give him part of it, Id.
2. to stamp or imprint upon, Plat.


ejx-oneidivzw , f. Att. iw` ,

1. c. acc. rei, to cast in ones teeth, Soph ., Eur. ; ejxoneidisqei;" kakav having foul reproaches cast upon one, Soph. :—simply, to bring forward, Lat. objicere , Eur.

2. c. acc. pers. to reproach, Soph.


ejx-onomavzw , f. sw , to utter aloud, announce, Hom.

II. to call by name, Plut.


ejx-onomaivnw , f. a±nw` , to name, speak of by name, Hom.


ejx-onoma-klhvdhn , Adv. ( kalevw ) by name, calling by name, Hom.


ejxovpiØqen and -qe , Adv. , Ep. for ejxovpisqen , behind, in rear, Il.

2. as Prep. with gen. behind, ejx. keravwn Ib.


ejxovpin , Adv. , = foreg. 1, Aesch.


ejxovpisqen , poët. -qe , Adv. , Att. for ejxovpiqen , Ar.

2. as Prep. with gen. , Id.


ejxopivsw »iØ1/4 , Adv. ,

I. of Place, backwards, back again, Il.
2. as Prep. with gen. behind, Ib.
II. of Time, hereafter, Od.

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