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e[xoco" , on , ( ejxevcw ) standing out: metaph. eminent, excellent, Hom.

2. c. gen. standing out from, most eminent, greatest, mightiest, used like a Superl., e[xoco" hJrwvwn, e[x. a[llwn Il.; but a real Sup. ejxocwvtato" Aesch ., Eur. :—also c. dat ., mevgÆ e[xocoi aijpolivoisin eminent among the herds, Od.; so, ejn polloi`si e[xoco" hJrwvessin Il.

II. neut. pl. e[xoca as Adv. , especially, above others, Hom .; ejmoi; dovsan e[xoca gave me as a high honour, Od.; e[xocÆ a[ristoi beyond compare the best, Hom.

2. c. gen ., e[xoca pavntwn far above all, Id.


ejx-ocuØrovw , f. wvsw , to fortify strongly, Plut.


ejx-ubrivzw , f. Att. iw` , to break out into insolence, to run riot, wax wanton, Hdt ., Thuc. , etc. ; ejx. ej" tovde to come to this pitch of insolence, Id.: with an Adj. neut ., pantoi`a ejx . to commit all kinds of violence, Hdt.


ejxunh`ka, ejsunh`ka , for xunh`ka , poët. aor. I with double augm. of sunivhmi .


ejx-upanivsthmi , only in intr. aor. 2, smw`dix metafrevnou ejxupanevsth a weal started up from under the skin of the back, Il.


ejx-upeipei`n , = uJpeipei`n , to advise, Eur.


ejx-uvperqe »uØ1/4 , Adv. = u{perqe , from above, Soph.


ejx-uphretevw , f. hvsw , to assist to the utmost, Soph.


ejx-upnivzw , f. sw , ( u{pno" ) to awaken from sleep, N.T .: —Pass. to wake up, Plut.


e[x-upno" , on , awakened out of sleep, N.T.


ejx-uptiavzw , f. sw , to turn upside down, Lat. resupinare , Aesch .; ejx. eJautovn throwing back his head haughtily, Luc.


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