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ejxuØravmhn , aor. I med. of xurevw :— ejxuvrhmai , pf. pass.


e[xusmai , pf. pass. of xuvw .


ejx-uØfaivnw , f. a±nw` , to finish weaving, Hdt. Hence ejxuvfasma


ejxuvfasma »uØ1/4, ato", tov , a finished web, Eur.


ejx-ufhgevomai , f. hvsomai , to lead the way, Soph.


e[xw , Adv. of ejx , as ei[sw

I. of Place,
1. with Verbs of motion, out, e[xw ijwvn Od.; cwrei`n e[xw Hdt ., etc. :— c. gen. out of, Hom ., etc. :— c. acc. , e[xw to;n \Ellhvsponton outside the H., Hdt.

2. without any sense of motion, like ejktov" , outside, without, Od.: to; e[xw the outside, Thuc .; ta; e[xw things outside the walls, Id.; ta; e[xw pravgmata foreign affairs, Id.;— oiJ e[xw those outside, Id. (in N.T. the heathen); hJ e[xw qavlassa , the Ocean, opp. to hJ ejntov" (the Mediterranean sea), Hdt. :— c. gen ., oiJ e[xw gevnou" Soph .; e[xw toxeuvmato", e[xw belw`n out of shot, Thuc. , Xen. ; e[xw tino;" ei\nai to have nothing to do with it, Thuc. ; e[xw tou` fronei`n out of ones senses, Eur. :—proverb., e[xw tou` phlou` ai[rein povda to keep clear of difficulties, Aesch. ; phmavtwn e[xw povda e[cein Id.

II. of Time, beyond, over, e[xw mevsou hJmevra" Xen.
III. without, but, except, c. gen .,, Hdt. , Thuc.


e{xw , fut. of e[cw .


e[xwqen , Adv. ( e[xw ) from without, Trag ., Plat. , etc. :— c. gen ., e[x. dovmwn from without the house, Eur.

II. = e[xw , Hdt. , Plat. , etc. ; oiJ e[xwqen foreigners, Hdt .; ta; e[xwqen matters outside the house, Aesch ., etc. :— c. gen. without, free from, Soph ., Eur.


ejx-wqevw , f. -wqhvsw and -wvsw : aor. I ejxevwsa :— to thrust out, force out, wrench out, Il.: to expel, eject, banish, Soph .:— to thrust back, Id., Thuc. :— Pass. , ejxwqevesqai ejk th`" cwvrh" Hdt .; patrivdo" ejxwqouvmeno" Soph.

2. ejx glwvssa" ojduvnan to put forth painful words, to break forth into cruel words, Id.
II. to drive out of the sea, drive on shore, Lat. ejicere , Thuc .: metaph. , ejxwsqh`nai ej" ceimw`na Id.


ejxwvleia , hJ , utter destruction, katÆ ejxwleiva" ojmovsai to swear with deadly imprecations against

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