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e[olpa , Ep. pf ., with pres. sense, of e[lpw .


e[on , Ep. for h\n , 1 sing. impf. of eijmiv (sum).

II. ejovn , Ion. for o[n , part. neut.


e[orga , Ep. pf. of e[rdw : Ion. 3 sing. plqpf. ejovrgee .


eJortavzw , Ion. oJrtavzw : impf. eJwvrtazon (with irreg. augm. in second syll. ): f. avsw : aor. I eJwvrtasa (with irreg. augm.), inf. eJortavsai : ( eJorthv ):— to keep festival or holiday, Hdt ., Eur.

II. to celebrate as or by a festival, Plut.


eJortavsimo" , on , of or for a festival, Luc.


eJorthv , Ion. oJrthv , hJ , a feast or festival, holiday, Od., Hdt. , etc. ; oJrth;n or eJorth;n a[gein to keep a feast, Id., Thuc. ; eJorth;n eJortavzein Xen.

2. generally, holidaymaking, amusement, pastime, Aesch ., Thuc.


eJov" , eJhv, eJovn , Ep. for o{", h{, o{n : ( e{, e{o , = ou| ):—possessive Adj. of 3 pers. sing. his, her own, Lat. suus , Hom. , etc. ; never in Att. Prose.


ejou`sa , Ion. and Ep. for ou\sa , part. fem. of eijmiv (sum).


ejp-a±gavllomai , Pass. to glory in, exult in a thing, c. dat ., Il.; ejpiv tini Xen.


ejp-a±ga±naktevw , f. hvsw , to be indignant at, Plut.


ejpaggeliva , hJ , a public denunciation of one who, being subject to ajtimiva , yet takes part in public affairs, Aeschin. , Dem.

2. an offer, promise, profession, Id. From ejpaggevllw


ejp-aggevllw , f. -elw` ; aor. I -hvggeila : pf. -hvggelka :— to tell, proclaim, announce, Od., Hdt. , etc. :— Med. to let proclamation be made, Id.

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