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ejp-anei`pon , aor. 2 with no pres. in use, to offer by public proclamation, Thuc.


ejp-anevromai , Ion. -aneivromai , Med. , to question again and again, Hdt .: —Att. aor. 2 ejpanhrovmhn Aesch. , Ar. ; to;n qeo;n ejpanhvronto eij . . Thuc.

2. to ask again, ejp. tinav ti Plat.


ejp-anevrcomai , f. -aneleuvsomai (but v. ejpavneimi ): Dep. with aor. 2 and pf. act .:— to go back, return, ejk tovpou Thuc .:—in writing or speaking, to return to a point, Eur. , Xen. , Dem.

2. c. acc. rei, to recapitulate, Xen.
II. to go up, ascend, Id.: to go up or pass from one place to another, Hdt.


ejp-anerwtavw , f. hvsw , of persons, to question again, Xen.

2. of things, to ask over again, Plat.


ejp-anevcw , f. -anevxw , to hold up, support, Plut.


ejpanhvkw , to have come back, to return, Dem.


ejp-anhlogevw , aor. I ejpanhlovghsa , to recount, recapitulate, Hdt .: but perh. ejpalillovghsa is the true form: v. palil-logevw .


ejp-anqevw , f. hvsw , to bloom, be in flower, Theocr.

II. metaph. of any thing that forms on the surface, as a salt crust, Hdt. ; the down on fruit, Ar. , etc. : generally, to be upon the surface, shew itself, appear plainly, Id.

III. to be bright, Babr.


ejp-anqivzw , f. sw , to deck as with flowers, to make bright-coloured, Luc .: —metaph. to decorate, Aesch.


ejp-anqoplokevw , to plait of or with flowers, Anth.


ejp-anqra±kivde" , wn, aiJ , ( ajnqrakiv" ) small fish for frying, small fry, Ar.


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