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2. a seat, abode, dwellingplace, Hom ., etc. :— a temple, Plat ., Xen. , etc.
3. a foundation, base, Hes ., Anth.
II. the act of sitting, oujc e{do" ejstiv ‘tis no time to sit still, Il.


eJdou`mai , f. of e{zomai .


e{dra , Ep. and Ion. e{drh , hJ : ( e{do" ):

I. a sittingplace:
1. a seat, chair, stool, bench, Hom .: a seat of honour, Il., Xen.
2. a seat, of the gods, a sanctuary, temple, Pind ., Trag.
3. the seat or place of anything, Hdt. ; ejx e{dra" out of its right place, Eur .:— a foundation, base, Plut.
4. hJ e{dra tou` i{ppou the back of the horse, on which the rider sits, Xen.
5. e{drai are the quarters of the sky in which omens appear, Aesch. , Eur.
II. a sitting, Aesch ., Soph. : of a position, gonupetei`" e{drai kneeling, Eur.
2. a sitting still, inactivity, delay, Hdt ., Thuc. ; oujc e{dra" ajkmhv ‘tis not the season for sitting still, Soph.

3. the sitting of a council, Id.
III. the seat, breech, fundament, Hdt. Hence eJdravzw


eJdravzw , f. avsw , to make to sit, place, Anth.


e[dra±qon , poët. for e[darqon , aor. 2 of darqavnw .


eJdrai`o" , a, on , and o", on , ( e{dra ) sitting, sedentary, Xen ., Plat.

2. eJdraiva rJavci" the horses back on which the rider sits, Eur.
II. sitting fast, steady, steadfast, Id., Plat. Hence eJdraivwma


eJdraivwma , ato", tov , a foundation, base, N.T.


e[dra±kon , aor. 2 of devrkomai .


e[dra±mon , aor. 2 of trevcw .


e[dra<Eth>n , aor. 2 of didravskw :— e[dra±n , 3 pl.


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