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ejpa±rhvra , Ion. pf. of ejpararivskw :— ejparhvrein plqpf.


ejp-a±rivstero" , on , towards the left, on the left hand, ta; ejparivstera as Adv. , Hdt.

II. metaph. lefthanded, awkward, French gauche, Plut.


ejpavrkesi" , ew", hJ , aid, succour, Soph ., Eur. From ejparkevw


ejp-arkevw , f. evsw , to ward off a thing from a person, tiv tini Il.

2. c. acc. rei only, to ward off, prevent, Od.; ejp. mh; pesei`n , prohibere quominus , Aesch.
3. c. dat. pers. only, to help, assist, Hdt ., Ar. :—rarely c. acc. pers., like wjfelei`n , Eur. :— absol. , tiv" a[rÆ ejparkevsei ; who will aid? Aesch.

II. to supply, furnish, ti Id.; ejp. tiniv tino" to impart to him a share of, Xen .; c. dat. rei, to supply with a thing, Eur.

III. absol. to be sufficient, to prevail, Soph.


ejp-avrkio" , on , sufficient, Anth.


ejparkouvntw" , Adv. part. of ejparkevw , sufficiently, Soph.


ejp-avrouro" , on , ( a[roura ) attached to the soil as a serf, ascriptus glebae , Od.


ejp-artavw , to hang on or over, ejp. fovbon tiniv Aeschin .: —Pass. to hang over, impend, Lat. imminere , Dem.


ejp-arthv" , ev" , ( ajrtavw ) ready for work, equipt, Od.


ejp-artuvw and -uvnw »u<Eth>1/4 , to fit on, Od.

II. to prepare, Ib.:— Med. to prepare for oneself, h. Hom.


ejparciva , hJ , the government of a province, Plut .; and ejparcikov"


ejparcikov" , hv, ovn , provincial, Plut. From e[parco"

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