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ejp-ergavzomai , f. -avsomai , Dep. to cultivate besides, encroach upon ground consecrated to a god, Aeschin.


ejperga±siva , hJ , cultivation of anothers land, encroachment upon sacred ground, Thuc.

II. the right of mutual tillage on each others ground, Xen.


ejp-ereqivzw , f. sw , to stimulate, urge on, Plut.


ejp-ereivdw , f. -ereivsw , to drive against, drive home, e[gco" Il.; ejpevreise de; i\nÆ ajpevleqron put vast strength to it, Hom. :— ejp. th;n favlaggav tini to bring the whole force of the phalanx against, Plut. :— Med. , laivfh protovnoi" ejpereidovmenai staying their sails on ropes, Eur. :— Pass. to lean or bear upon, tini Ar .: absol. to resist with all ones force, Id.


ejp-erevfw , f. yw , to put a cover upon, deck, Il.


ejp-evromai , Ion. -eivromai ; f. -erhvsomai :— aor. 2 -hrovmhn , inf. -erevsqai :— to ask besides or again, Xen.

II. to question a person besides about a thing, consult him about, tinav ti Hdt .; to enquire of a god, qeovn Id., Thuc.


ejperrwvsanto , 3 pl. aor. I of ejpirrwvomai .


ejperrwvsqhn , aor. I pass. of ejpirwvnnumi .


ejp-eruvw , Ion. -eiruvw : f. uvsw »uØ1/4 : aor. I -eivruØsa , Ep. -evrussa :— to pull to a door, Od.: to drag to a place, Ib.:— Med. to draw on ones clothes, Hdt.


ejp-evrcomai , impf. ejphrcovmhn , but the Att. impf. is ejphv/ein , and the fut. e[peimi : ( ei\mi ibo): Dep ., with act. aor. 2 ejph`lqon , Ep. -hvluØqon , pf. -elhvluqa :

I. to come upon, come near, come suddenly upon, tini Hom ., Hdt. :— to come to for advice, Lat. adire aliquem , Eur.
b. in hostile sense, to go or come against, to attack, assault, absol. or c. dat ., Il., Eur. , etc. ; c. acc ., th;n tw`n pevla" ejp . to invade it, Thuc. ; hence, to visit, reprove, tina Eur.
c. to come forward to speak, Id., Thuc. ; also, ejp. ejpi; to;n dh`mon Hdt.
2. of conditions, events, etc. , to come suddenly upon, u{pno" ejphvluqev tina or tini Od.
b. c. dat. pers. to come into ones head, occur to one, i{mero" ejph`lqev moi ejpeivresqai Hdt .; or

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