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ejpivdexi" , hJ , Ion. for ejpivdeixi" .


ejpi-devrkomai , Dep. to look upon, behold, tina Hes.


ejpi-desmeuvw , f. sw , to bind up, Anth.


ejpiv-desmo" , oJ , an upper or outer bandage, Ar.


ejpi-despovzw , f. sw , to be lord over, stratou` Aesch.


ejpideuhv" , ev" , poët. and Ion. for ejpidehv" , in need or want of, c. gen ., Hom. , Hdt. : absol. in want, Il.

II. lacking, failing in a thing, c. gen ., Od.; bivh" ejpideuevesÆOdush`o" inferior to U. in strength, Ib.; absol. , ejpideueve" h\men too weak were we, Ib.


ejpi-deuvomai , f. -deuhvsomai , Ep. for ejpidevomai , to be in want of, to lack a thing, c. gen ., Hom. , Hdt. : to need the help of, c. gen. pers ., Il.

II. to be lacking in, fall short of a thing, c. gen ., Ib.: also c. gen. pers. , keivnwn ejpideuveai ajndrw`n fallest short of them, Ib.; or both together, mavch" ejpideuvetÆ jAcaiw`n Ib.


ejpi-deuvw , to moisten, Anth.


ejpi-devcomai , Ion. -devkomai , f. xomai , Dep. to admit besides or in addition, Hdt .: to allow of, admit of, Lat. recipere , Dem.


ejpi-devw (A), f. -dhvsw , to bind or fasten on, to;n lovfon Ar .; and in Med. , lovfou" ejpidevesqai to have crests fastened on, Hdt.

II. to bind up, bandage: Pass. , ejpidedemevno" ta; trauvmata with ones wounds bound up, Xen .; ejpidedemevnoi th;n cei`ra Id.


ejpidevw (B), f. -dehvsw , to want or lack of a number, tetrakosiva" muriavda", ejpideouvsa" eJpta; ciliadevwn 4,000,000 lacking 7000, Hdt.

II. Med ., like Ep. ejpideuvomai , to be in want of, tino" Id., Xen.

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