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ejpi-diatavssomai , Med. to add an order, N.T.


ejpi-diativqemai , Med. to deposit as security, Dem.


ejpi-diafevromai , Pass. to go across after, Thuc.


ejpi-diØdavskw , f. xw , to teach besides, Xen.


ejpi-divdwmi , f. -dwvsw , to give besides, tiv tini Il., Hdt. , Att.

2. to give in dowry, Il., Xen.
3. to give freely, Thuc ., Ar. :— esp. to contribute as a ‘benevolence,’ for state necessities, opp. to eijsfevrein (which was compulsory), Xen. , Dem. ; cf. ejpivdosi" .

II. Med. to take as witness, qeou;" ejpidwvmeqa Il.; (others take it to be ejp-idwvmeqa let us look to the gods).

III. intr. to increase, advance, ej" u{yo" Hdt .; ejpi; to; mei`zon Thuc ., etc. ; absol. to grow, wax, advance, improve, Id.


ejpi-divzhmai , Dep. to inquire besides, to go on to inquire, Hdt.

2. to seek for or demand besides, Id.; so, ejpidivzomai Mosch.


ejpi-diØkavzw , f. avsw , to adjudge property to one, of the judge, Dem. :— Pass. , ejpidedikasmevnou to;n klh`ron having had it adjudged to one, Id.

II. Med ., of the claimant, to go to law to establish ones claim, Plat.
2. c. gen. to sue for, claim at law, Dem ., etc.


ejpiv-diØko" , on , ( divkh ) disputed at law: ejpivdiko", hJ , an heiress, whose hand is claimed by her next of kin, Oratt.

2. generally, disputed, Plut.


ejpi-di<Eth>nevw , f. hvsw , to whirl or swing round before throwing, Hom .: —Med. to turn over in ones mind, revolve, Od.:— Pass. , aor. I ejpedinhvqhn , to wheel about, as birds in the air, Ib.


ejpi-diorqovomai , Med. to set in order also, N.T.

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