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places, ejpikairovtaton cwrivon ajpocrh`sqai most convenient to use, Id.; tou;" ejpikaivrou" tw`n tovpwn Dem .:—also c. gen ., loutrw`n ejpivkairo" convenient for. . , Soph.

2. of parts of the body, vital, Xen.


ejpi-kaivw , Att. -kavw , f. -kauvsw , to light up a place, pu`r h. Hom. : to burn on an altar, mhriva Hom.


ejpi-ka±la±mavomai , ( kalavmh ) Dep. to glean after the reapers, Luc.


ejpi-ka±levw , f. evsw , to call upon a god, invoke, appeal to, Hdt ., Dem. ; ejp. qeovn tini to invoke a god, to watch over him, Hdt. :—so in Med. , Id., Xen.

2. to invite, Od.; in Med. , Hdt.
3. Med. to call in as a helper or ally, Id., Thuc.
4. Med. to call before one, summon, of the Ephors, Hdt.
5. Med. to challenge, Id.
II. Pass. to be called by surname, Id.: to be nicknamed, Xen.
III. to bring as an accusation against, tiv tini Thuc .; tau`tÆ ejpikalei`" ; is this your charge? Ar .:— Pass. , ta; ejpikaleuvmena crhvmata the money he was charged with having, Hdt.


ejpi-ka±luvptw , f. yw , to cover over, cover up, shroud, Hes ., Plat. II. to put as a covering over, blefavrwn ejp. fa`ro" Eur.


ejpikamphv , hJ , ( ejpikavmptw ) the bend, return or angle of a building, Hdt. ; ejp. poiei`sqai to draw up their army angular-wise, i.e. with the wings advanced at angles with the centre, so as to take the enemy in flank, Xen.


ejpikamphv" , ev" , curved, curling, Plut ., Luc. From ejpikavmptw


ejpi-kavmptw , f. yw , to bend into an angle: Pass. to move the wings of an army forward, so as to form angles with the centre and take the enemy in flank, Xen.


ejpi-kampuvlo" »uØ1/4, on , crooked, curved, h. Hom.


ejpiv-ka±r , Adv. head-foremost, v. kavr II .


ejpi-karpiva , ( karpov" ) the usufruct of a property, revenue, profit, opp. to the principal ( ta; ajrcai`a ),

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