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ejpi-katavra<Eth>to" , on , yet more accursed, N.T.


ejpi-katarrevw , f. -reuvsomai , to fall down upon, tiniv Plut.


ejpi-katarrhvgnuØmai , Pass. to fall violently down, Plut.


ejpi-katarriptevw , to throw down after, Xen.


ejpi-katasfavzw , Att. -ttw , f. xw , to slay upon or over, tina; tw`/ nekrw`/, eJauto;n tw`/ tuvmbw/ Hdt.


ejpi-katatevmnw , f. -temw` , to carry the workings of a mine beyond ones boundaries, Dem.


ejpi-katayeuvdomai , Dep. to tell lies besides, Hdt ., Thuc.


ejpi-kavteimi , ( ei\mi ibo) to go down into, Thuc.


ejpi-katevcw , to detain still, Luc.


ejpivkauto" , on , ( ejpikaivw ) burnt at the end, Lat. praeustus , Hdt.


ejpikavw , »a<Eth>1/4 , Att. for ejpikaivw .


ejpiv-keimai , inf. -kei`sqai , Ion. -kevesqai , serving as Pass. to ejpitivqhmi , to be laid upon:

I. of doors, to be put to or closed, Od., Theogn.
2. to be placed in or on, c. dat ., Hes. , Theocr.
3. of islands, nh`soi ejpi; Lhvmnou ejpikeivmenai lying off Lemnos, Hdt. ; so, ejp. th`/ Qrhi?kh/ Id.; aiJ nh`soi aiJ ejpikeivmenai the islands off the coast, Thuc.

II. to press upon, be urgent in intreaty, Hdt. : to press upon a retreating enemy, c. dat ., Id., Ar. , etc.
2. to hang over, Lat. imminere , c. dat ., Xen. ; of penalties, qavnato" hJ zhmivh ejpikevetai the penalty imposed is death, Hdt. ; zhmiva ejpevkeito stathvr Thuc.

III. c. acc. rei, ejpikeivmenai kavra kuneva" having their heads covered with helmets, Eur. ; provswpon ejpikeivmeno" under an assumed character, Plut.

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