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ejpi-koinovomai , Med. to consult with, tini periv tino" Plat.


ejpiv-koino" , on , common to many, promiscuous, Hdt .:— sharing equally in a thing, c. gen ., Eur. :— neut. pl. ejpivkoina as Adv. in common, Hdt.


ejpi-koinwnevw , f. hvsw , to communicate with a person, c. dat ., Plat. , etc.

2. to have a share of a thing in common with another, tinov" tini Id.


ejpi-kompavzw , f. sw , to add boastingly, Eur ., Plut.


ejpi-kompevw , f. hvsw , = foreg. 1, Thuc.

2. to boast of, ti Id.


ejpivkopo" , on , fit for cutting: as Subst. , ejpivkopon, tov , a chopping-block, Luc. From ejpikovptw


ejpi-kovptw , f. yw , to strike upon (i.e. from above), to fell, Od.

2. metaph. to cut short, reprove, Plut.
3. in Med. to smite ones breast, mourn for another, c. acc ., Eur.


ejpi-koruvssomai , Med. to arm oneself against, tini Luc.


ejpikosmevw , f. hvsw , to add ornaments to, to decorate after or besides, Hdt .; qea;n ejp . to honour, celebrate, Ar ., Xen.


ejpiv-koto" , on , wrathful, vengeful, Aesch .; ejpivkoto" trofa`" in wrath at the sons he had bred, Id.— Adv. -tw" , wrathfully, Id.


jEpikouvreio" , on , Epicurean, Anth .; oiJ jEp . the Epicureans, Luc.


ejpikourevw , f. hvsw , ( ejpivkouro" ) to act as an ally, Il., Hdt. , etc. ; tini to one, Thuc. , etc.

II. generally, to aid or help at need, tiniv Eur ., Ar. : c. dat. rei, novsoi" ejpikourei`n to aid one against them, Xen. ; ejsqh;" ejpikourei` tini does him good service, Id.; ejp. trofh`/ to make provision for it,

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