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ejpilavqetai »a<Eth>1/4 , Dor. for -lhvqetai .


ejpi-lambavnw , f. -lhvyomai : aor. 2 -evla±bon : pf. -eivlhfa , pass. -eivlhmmai :— to lay hold of, seize, attack, as a disease, Hdt. , Thuc. :— Pass. , th;n ai[sqhsin ejpilhfqeiv" Lat. sensibus captus , Plut.
b. of events, to overtake, surprise, interrupt, Thuc.
2. to attain to, reach, Xen .; e[th ojktw; ejp . to live over eight years, Thuc.
3. to seize, stop, esp. by pressure, Ar. , etc. ; ejp. tina; th`" ojpivsw oJdou` to stop him from getting back, Hdt.

4. metaph ., polu;n cw`ron ejp . to get over much ground, traverse it rapidly, as in Virgil corripere campum , Theocr.

II. Med ., with pf. pass ., to hold oneself on by, lay hold of, catch, c. gen ., Hdt. , Thuc.
2. to attack, tino" Xen.
3. to make a seizure of, tino" Dem.
4. to lay hold of, get, obtain, prostavtew a chief, profavsio" a pretext, Hdt.
5. of place, to gain, reach, tw`n ojrw`n Plut.
6. to attempt a thing, c. gen ., Id.
7. to take up, interrupt in speaking ( cf. uJpolambavnw ), Plat. : to object to, Xen.


ejpi-lampruvnw , f. uØnw` , to make splendid, adorn, Plut.


ejpivlampto" , on , Ion. for ejpivlhpto" .


ejpi-lavmpw , f. yw , to shine after or thereupon, Il., etc. ; ejpilamyavsh" hJmevrh" when day had fully come, Hdt.

2. to shine upon, c. dat ., Plut. , Anth.


ejpilanqavnomai , to forget, v. sub ejpilhvqw .


ejpi-leaivnw , aor. I -elevhna , to smoothe over, ejpilehvna" th;n Xevrxew gnwvmhn , i.e. making it plausible, Hdt.


ejpi-levgw , f. xw , to choose, pick out, select, Hdt .: —Med ., tw`n Babulwnivwn ejpelevxato he chose him certain of the Babylonians, Id.; so in Att. :— Pass. , ejpilelegmevnoi or ejpeilegmevnoi chosen men, Xen.

II. to say in addition, add further, Hdt.
2. to call by name, Id.
III. in Ion. Gr. also, in Med.

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