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3. to come to the front of an army, so as to address it, Thuc.


ejpi-pavssw , Att. -ttw , f. -pavsw »a±1/4 , to sprinkle upon or over, Hdt. Hence ejpivpasto"


ejpivpasto" , on , sprinkled over: —as Subst. ejpivpaston, tov , a kind of cake with comfits (or the like) upon it, Ar.

2. a plaster, Theocr.


ejpivpedo" , on , ( pevdon ) to the level of the ground, level, Xen ., etc. :— irreg. Comp. -pedevstero" , Id.


ejpi-peivqomai , f. sw : Pass. , f. med. -peivsomai , to be persuaded to a certain end, Hom.

2. to trust to, put faith in, c. dat ., Aesch.
3. to comply with, obey, Hes ., Soph.


ejpi-pelavzw , f. sw , to bring near to, Eur.


ejpi-pevlomai , Dep. , ( pevlw ) to come to or upon a person, c. dat ., Do.; Ep. syncop. part. aor. 2 ejpiplovmeno" , coming on, approaching, ejpiplovmenon e[to" the coming year, Ib.; of a storm, like Lat. ingruens , Soph.


ejpivpempw , f. yw , to send besides or again, of messages, Hdt.

2. of the gods, to send upon or to, Id.; esp.by way of punishment, to send upon or against, let loose upon, Eur ., Plat. Hence ejpivpemyi"


ejpivpemyi" , ew", hJ , a sending to a place, Thuc.


ejpipevptwka , pf. of ejpipivptw .


ejpipevpwka , pf. of ejpipivnw .


ejpi-perkavzw , to turn dark, of grapes ripening; ejpiperkavzein triciv to begin to get a dark beard, Anth.


ejpiv-perkno" , on , somewhat dark, of the colour of certain hares, Xen.

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