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2. sometimes the protasis is omitted, eij dÆ a[ge come on, = eij de; »bouvlei1/4, a[ge , Od.; eij dev, su; me;n a[kouson Il.

3. eij de; mhv = Lat. sin minus , otherwise, for eij de; mh; »tou`tov ejsti1/4 , Hdt. , etc.
B. In Indirect Questions, whether, Lat. an , followed by the indic. , subj. , or opt. , according to the principles of oratio obliqua:

1. with I NDIC . or Subj. after primary tenses, oujk oi\dÆ, eij qeov" ejstin whether he is a god, Il.; oujk oi\dÆ eij dw` whether I shall give, Xen.

2. with O PTAT . after past tenses, h[reto ei[ ti" ejmou` ei[h sofwvtero" he asked whether any one was wiser than I, Plat.

II. after Verbs expressive of wonder, indignation, etc. , qaumavzw eij mhdei;" ojrgivzetai , where eij nearly = o{ti , Dem. ; ajganaktei` eij mh; stefanwqhvsetai Aeschin.


ei\a , poët. trisyll. eji?a , Lat. eia , Interj. on! up! away! with imper. , Trag. ; ei\a dhv come then! Aesch .; ei\a nu`n well now! Ar ., etc.


ei[a<Eth> , 3 sing. impf. of ejavw .


eiJa±menhv , hJ , a river-side pasture, meadow, ejn eijamenh`/ e{leo" in a marshy meadow, Il. (Deriv. uncertain.)


eiJa±nov" , hv, ovn , Ep. for eJanov" , Il.


ei\ar, eija±rinov" , Ep. for e[ar, ejarinov" .


eijarov-masqo" , on , with youthful breasts, Anth.


ei[a<Eth>" , 2 sing. impf. of ejavw .


ei[askon , Ion. impf. of ejavw .


ei{atai, ei{ato , Ep. for h\ntai, h\nto , 3 pl. pres. and impf. of h|mai .


ei{ato , Ep. for ei|nto , 3 pl. plqpf. pass. of e{nnumi .

ei[bw, EI [BW

EI [BW , Ep. form of leivbw , to drop, let fall in drops, Hom .: —Pass. to trickle down, Hes.

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