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ejpir-revzw , Ep. impf. -revzeskon : to offer sacrifices at a place, Od.

2. to sacrifice besides, Theocr.


ejpirrephv" , ev" , leaning towards, Lat. proclivis , Luc.


ejpir-revpw , f. yw , to lean towards, fall to ones lot, Il.; c. inf ., ejpirrevpei tini; poiei`n ti Aesch.

II. trans ., ejp. tavlanton to force down one scale, Theogn. : metaph. to weigh out to one, allot, Aesch.


ejpir-revw , f. -reuvsomai and in pass. form -ruhvsomai : aor. 2 pass. also in act. sense ejperruvhn :— to flow upon the surface, float a-top, like oil on water, Il.

2. to flow in besides, flow fresh and fresh, Ar .: —metaph. of large bodies of men, to stream on and on,
Il., Hdt. ; also, ouJpirrevwn crovno" onward-streaming time, i.e. the future, Aesch. ; o[lbou ejpirruevnto" if wealth flows on and on, increases continually, Eur.


ejpir-rhvgnu<Eth>mi , f. -rhvxw : aor. I ejpevrrhxa :— to rend, Aesch.


ejpir-rhvssw , f. xw : Ep. impf. -rhvsseskon :— Ion. for ejpirravssw , to dash to, shut violently, quvrhn Il.


ejpir-rhtoreuvw , f. sw , to declaim over, tiv tini Luc.


ejpivr-rhto" , on , exclaimed against, infamous, Xen.


ejpivr-rikno" , on , shrunk up, Xen.


ejpir-riptevw , = sq. , only in pres. and impf. , Xen.

2. intr. to throw oneself upon the track, Id.


ejpir-rivptw , f. yw , to cast at another, c. dat ., Od.; cei`ra ejp . to lay hand upon, Anth .: —metaph. to throw upon one, tiv tini Aesch.


ejpirrohv , hJ , ( ejpirrevw ) afflux, influx, Aesch .: —metaph ., ejp. kakw`n Eur.

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