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ejpir-rwvomai : aor. I -errwsavmhn :— Med. to flow or stream upon, cai`tai ejperrwvsanto ajpo; kratov" his locks flowed waving from his head, Il.

2. to move nimbly, Hes .: c. acc. cogn. , ejpivrrwsai coreivhn urge the rapid dance, Anth.
II. to apply ones strength to a thing, work lustily at it, c. dat ., Od.


ejpivsagma , ato", tov , a load on a beasts back:— metaph. , toujpivsagma tou` noshvmato" the burden of the disease, Soph. From e[pisa


e[pi<Eth>sa , aor. I of pipivskw .


ejpi-savttw , f. xw : pf. pass. -sevsagmai :— to pile a load upon a beasts back, Hdt. ; i{ppon ejp . to saddle it, Xen.


ejpivseisto" , on , waving over the forehead, Luc. From ejpiseivw


ejpi-seivw , Ep. ejpis"- , f. sw , to shake at or against, with the view of scaring, tiv tini Il., Eur. ; Pevrsa" ejp . to hold them out as a threat, Plut .; but, ejp. th;n cei`ra , in token of assent, Luc.

2. to set upon one, c. dat ., Eur.


ejpi-seuvw , Ep. ejpis"- , to put in motion against, set upon one, c. dat ., Od.

II. Pass. to hurry or hasten to or towards, Hom .; in hostile sense, to rush upon or at, c. dat ., Il.
2. part. pf. pass. ejpessuvmeno" , with 3 sing. pf. and plqpf. ejpevssuØtai, -to :—mostly in hostile sense, to rush on, Ib.; c. dat ., aujtw`/ moi ejpevssuto Ib.; c. acc. to assault, Ib.; c. gen ., ejpessuvmeno" pedivoio rushing, hurrying over the plain, Ib.:—also, without hostile sense, to express rapid motion, ejpevssuto devmnia swept over the clothes, Od.; c. inf ., ejpevssuto diwvkein he hasted on to follow, Il.:— metaph. to be excited, eager, qumo;" ejpevssutai Ib.


ejpiv-shma , ato", tov , = ejpivshmon , Aesch. , Eur.


ejpi-shmaivnw , f. a±nw` , to set a mark upon a person, of a disease, Thuc. , Xen. : Pass. to have a mark set on one, Eur.

II. to indicate, Plut.
III. Med. to mark for oneself, signify, indicate, Plat.
2. to set ones seal to a thing, approve it, Dem. , Aeschin.


ejpivshmon , tov , = ejpivshma , any distinguishing mark, a device or badge, the bearing on a shield, the

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