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ejpisthvmwn , on , gen. ono" , ( ejpivstamai ) knowing, wise, prudent, ejp. boulh`/ te novw/ te Od.

2. acquainted with a thing, skilled or versed in, c. gen ., Thuc. , etc.
3. c. inf. knowing how to do, Plat ., etc. - Adv. , ejpisthmovnw" with knowledge: Comp. -evsteron , Xen. ; Sup. -evstata , Plat.

II. possessed of perfect knowledge, Id.


ejpi-sthrivzw , f. xw , to make to lean on: Pass. to lean upon, tini Luc.


ejpi-stivlbw , to glisten on the surface, Plut.


ejpivstion , tov , in Od. means a shed in which a ship is laid up. (Deriv. uncertain.)


ejp-ivstio" , on , Ion. for ejfevstio" .


ejpistolavdhn »a±1/4 , Adv. ( ejpistevllw II ), girt up, neatly, of dress, Hes.


ejpistoleuv" , evw", hJ , secretary: also a courier, Xen.

II. among the Spartans, a vice-admiral, Id. From ejpistolhv


ejpistolhv , hJ , ( ejpistevllw ) a message, command, commission, whether verbal or in writing, Hdt. , Att. ; ejx ejpistolh`" by command, Hdt.

2. a letter, Lat. epistola , Thuc ., etc. Hence ejpistolimai`o"


ejpistolimai`o" , on , commanded: dunavmei" ejp . forces decreed, but never sent, paper- armies, Dem.


ejpistovlion , tov , Dim. of ejpistolhv , Plut.


ejpi-stomivzw , f. Att. iw` , ( stovma ) to curb in a horse: metaph. to curb, bridle, tinav Ar ., Dem.

II. to put on the mouth-piece of a flute; and of a flute, to stop the voice, Plut.
III. to throw on his face, tinav Luc.


ejpistona±cevw , = ejpistevnw , of waves, Il.:—so ejpistona±civzw , Hes.


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