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ejpithdev" , Adv. such as may serve the purpose, enough, or of set purpose, advisedly, studiously, Lat. consulto, de industria , Hom .;—in Hdt. and Att. written proparox., ejpivthde" Hdt .; Dor. ejpivta<Eth>de" Theocr. :—also designedly, deceitfully, Eur. (Deriv. uncertain.)


ejpithvdeuma , ato", tov , a pursuit, business, practice, Lat. studium , Thuc ., Plat. ; and ejpithvdeusi"


ejpithvdeusi" , ew", hJ , devotion or attention to a pursuit, Thuc. , Plat. , etc. ; biovtou ejpithdeuvsei" refinements of life, Eur. From ejpithdeuvw


ejpithdeuvw , impf. ejpethvdeuon : aor. I ejp-ethvdeusa : pf. -tethvdeuka , pass. -tethvdeumai , (as if it were a compd. of ejpiv, thdeuvw , but there is no such Verb; and ejpithdeuvw must be formed directly from ejpithdev" ):— to pursue or practise a thing, make a practice of, make it ones business, Lat. studere rei , c. acc. , Hdt. , Att. :—also, ejp. ti prov" ti to invent for a purpose, Hdt. :— Pass. to be done with pains and practice, to be made so and so by art, Id.; of dogs, to be trained, Xen.

2. c. inf. to take care to do, use to do, Hdt. , Plat.


ejpithdevw" , Adv. of ejpithvdeo" , Ion. for ejpithvdeio" .


ejpivthkto" , on , overlaid with gold: metaph. counterfeit, Anth. From ejpithvkw


ejpi-thvkw , f. xw , to melt upon, pour when melted over a thing, Hdt. , Plut.


ejpi-threvw , f. hvsw , to look out for, Ar ., Thuc. , etc.


ejpi-tivqhmi , f. -qhvsw : pf. -tevqeika : the Pass. is mostly furnished by ejpivkeimai :

A. Act. to lay, put or place upon, of offerings laid on the altar, meats on the table, etc. , c. dat ., Od., Att. ; also c. gen ., Il., Hdt. :— c. acc. only, ejp. favrmaka to apply salves, Il.; ejp. sthvlhn to set it up, Hdt.

II. to put on a covering or lid, Od.; livqon ejpevqhke quvrh/sin , i.e. put a stone as a door to the cave, put

it before the door, Ib.: to put a door to, shut it, Il., Hom.

III. to put to, grant or give besides, Il.
2. of Time, to add, bring on, Od.
IV. muvqw/ or muvqoi" tevlo" ejpiqei`nai to put an end to them, Il.
2. to put on as a finish, ejpevqhke korwvnhn Ib.; ejp. kefalai`on ( v. sub kefalai`on ) Dem.
V. to impose or inflict a penalty, qwhvn soi ejpiqhvsomen Od.; divkhn, zhmivan ejp. tiniv Hdt.
VI. like ejpistevllw , to dispatch a letter, Id., Dem.

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