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ejpi-ceimavzw , f. sw , to pass the winter at a place, Thuc.


ejpi-ceirevw , f. hvsw , ( ceivr ) to put ones hand on a thing, c. dat ., Od., Ar.

2. to put ones hand to a work, set to work at, attempt, c. dat ., Hdt. , Att. :—rarely c. acc ., Theogn. , Plat. :— Pass. to be attempted, Thuc.

3. c. inf. to endeavour or attempt to do, Hdt. , Att.
II. to make an attempt on, to set upon, attack, tiniv Hdt ., Att. ; prov" tina Thuc .; —absol ., Hdt. , etc. Hence ejpiceivrhma


ejpiceivrhma , ato", tov , an attempt, enterprise, Thuc ., Xen.


ejpiceivrhsi" , ew", hJ , an attempt, attack, Hdt ., Thuc. ; ejp. poiei`sqaiv tino" to attempt a thing, Id.


ejpiceirhtevon or -eva , verb. Adj. of ejpiceirevw , one must attempt or attack, tiniv Thuc ., Plat.


ejpiceirhthv" , ou`, oJ , an enterprising person, Thuc.


ejpiv-ceiron , tov , ( ceivr ) only in pl. ejpivceira , tav , wages of manual labour: generally wages, pay, guerdon, reward, Ar ., Plat. :—also in bad sense, th`" uJyhgovrou glwvssh" ejp . rewards for proud speech, Aesch. ; xifevwn ejp . the wages of the sword, i.e. slaughter by it, Soph.


ejpi-ceirotonevw , f. hvsw , to vote in favour of a proposed decree, to sanction by vote, Dem.

2. of magistrates, to admit one elected to office, ap. Dem. Hence ejpiceirotoniva


ejpiceirotoniva , hJ , a voting by show of hands, Dem.


ejpi-cevw : f. -cew` ( v. cevw ), 2 pers. ejpicei`" : aor. I ejpevcea :— Ep. pres. ejpiceuvw , aor. I ejpevceua , inf. ejpiceu`ai :— to pour water over the hands, Hom. , Att. :— metaph. to pour or shed over, u{pnon tiniv , etc. , Hom.

2. of solids, like cwvnnumi , Id.
B. Med. to pour or throw over oneself or for himself, Od.
II. to have poured out for one to drink, ejp. a[kratovn tino" to drink it to any ones health, Theocr.
C. Pass. to be poured over, Xen .: aor. I ejpecuvqhn »uØ1/4 , pf. -kevcuØmai :— metaph. , of a crowd of persons, to stream to a place, ejpevcunto ( Ep. aor. 2 pass. ), Il.:— to come like a stream over, Hdt.

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