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ejpi-crwmativzw , f. sw , to lay on like colour, Plat.


ejpi-crwvnnu<Eth>mi and -uvw , f. -crwvsw , to smear over, colour on the surface, tinge, tiniv with a thing, Luc.


ejpi-cwrevw , f. hvsw , to give way, yield, tiniv to one, Soph.

2. to forgive, Plut.
II. to come towards, join as an ally, Lat. accedere alicui , Thuc ., Xen.
III. to go against the enemy, Id.


ejpicwriavzw , to be in the habit of visiting, Plat .; ejp. toi`" a[nw pravgmasi to be occupied with, Luc. From ejpicwvrio"


ejpi-cwvrio" , a, on , or o", on , ( cwvra ) in or of the country:

1. of persons, oiJ ejp . the people of the country, natives, Hdt ., al.; oiJ ejpicwvrioi cqonov" Soph ., Eur.
2. of things, of or used in the country, Hdt ., Ar. ;—often, to; ejpicwvrion, toujpicwvrion the custom of the country, custom, fashion, Id., Thuc. , etc. ; ejpicwvrion o]n hJmi`n , c. inf ., as is the custom of our country, Thuc.

II. Adv. -ivw" , Ar.


ejpi-ya±kavzw , old Att. for ejpi-yekavzw .


ejpi-yauvw , f. sw , to touch on the surface, touch lightly, handle, c. gen ., Hes. , Hdt. , Att. ; ka]n ojlivgon nuktov" ti" ejpiyauvsh/si , i.e. if one gets ever so little of the night, i.e. sleeps ever so little, Theocr. :— metaph. to touch lightly upon, Lat. strictim attingere , Hdt.

II. intr ., o{stÆ ojlivgon per ejpiyauvh/ prapivdessin who can reach ever so little way by his wits, Od.


ejpi-yekavzw , old Att. -yakavzw , to keep dropping, oJ qeo;" ejpiyakavzei , of small rain, ‘tis drizzling, Ar.


ejpi-yevlion , tov , a curb-chain, Anth.


ejpi-yeuvdomai , Dep. to lie still more, Xen.

II. to attribute falsehood to, tiv tini Luc.
III. to falsify a number, Plut.

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