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ejp-ouriavzw , = sq. , to waft onwards, Luc.


ejp-ourivzw , f. sw , to blow favourably upon, of a fair wind ( ou\ro" ) , ejp. th;n ojqovnhn to fill the sail, Luc. :— metaph. , frovnhma ejp . to turn ones mind successfully to a thing, Eur. : c. acc. cogn. , pneu`ma aiJmathro;n ejp. tiniv (of the Erinyes) to send after him a gale of murderous breath, Aesch.


e[p-ouro" , on , blowing favourably, Soph.


ejp-ofeivlw , to owe besides or still, Thuc.


ejp-ofqalmiavw , to cast longing glances at, c. dat ., or prov" ti Plut.


ejp-ocevomai , Pass. with fut. med ., to be carried upon, ride upon, c. dat ., Il.; absol. , kavmhlon w{ste ejpocei`sqai a camel to ride on, Xen.


ejp-oceteuvw , f. sw , to carry water by sluices or courses, Lat. derivare , Plat.


ejpochv , hJ , ( ejpevcw ) a check, cessation: the epoch of a star, i.e. the point at which it seems to halt after reaching the zenith, Plut.


ejp-ocqivdio" , a, on , ( o[cqh ) on or of the mountains, Anth.


e[pocon , tov , the saddle-cloth, housing, Xen. From e[poco"


e[poco" , on , ( ejpevcw ) mounted upon a horse, chariot, ship, c. gen. vel dat. , naw`n e[pocoi, a{rmasin e[pocoi Aesch .: metaph. , lovgo" maniva" e[p . words borne on madness, i.e. frantic words, Eur.

2. absol. having a good seat on horseback, Xen.
II. pass ., potamo;" nausi; e[p . navigable by ships, Plut.

e[poy, [EPOY

[EPOY , opo", oJ , the hoopoe, Lat. upupa , Ar.


ejp-oyivdio" , on , ( o[yon ) for eating with bread, Anth.

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