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6. to follow, obey, submit to, tw`/ novmw/ Hdt ., Att.
7. simply, to come near, approach, only in imper. , e{peo protevrw come on nearer, Hom.
8. to follow up, esp. in mind, to understand, Plat.
II. of Things, as of honour, glory, etc. , touvtw/ ku`do" a{mÆ e{yetai Il., etc.
2. to follow upon, th`/ ajcaristiva/ hJ ajnaiscuntiva e{p . Xen.


ejp-wbeliva , hJ , ( ojbelov" ) an assessment of an obol in the drachma, to be paid by the plaintiff, in case he failed to gain 1/5 of the votes, Dem.


ejp-w/dhv , Ion. and poët. ejpaoidhv , hJ , a song sung to or over: an enchantment, charm, spell, Od., Hdt. , Att. : c. gen. objecti, a charm for or against a thing, Aesch.


ejpw/dov" , ovn , ( ejpav/dw ) singing to or over: as Subst. an enchanter, Eur .: c. gen. acting as a charm for or against, Aesch ., Plat.

2. pass. sung or said after, morfh`" ejpw/dovn called after this form, Eur.
II. in metre, ejpw/dov", oJ , a verse or passage returning at intervals, a chorus, burden, refrain, as in Theocr. 1.


ejp-wv/zw , to cluck, like a sitting bird, Ar.


ejp-wqevw , f. hvsw , to push on, thrust in, Plut.


ejpwvkeila , aor. I of ejp-okevllw .


ejp-wlevnio" , on , ( wjlevnh ) upon the arm, h. Hom.


ejp-wmavdio" , on , ( w\mo" ) on the shoulders, Theocr. 1.


ejp-wma±dovn , Adv. on the shoulder, Anth.


ejp-wmiv" , ivdo", hJ , ( w\mo" ) the point of the shoulder, where it joins the collar-bone, the acromion, Xen .:— the shoulder, Anth.

2. the front or the uppermost part of a ship, Id.
II. the shoulder-strap of a tunic, Eur.

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